Saturday, January 4, 2014

REVIEW: The Young Sinclairs - Engineer Man b/w Problems 7" (Market Square)

This latest 7" by The Young Sinclairs is a near perfect recreation of the early Who sound.  Complete with interesting falsetto-ridden backup vocals and frantic-in-the-pocket drumming.  The only thing that gives them away is the only-slightly-more-modern production value.  The songs are fantastic and embody the early British invasion sound...a time when so many bands were decidedly modern and forwarding thinking yet nostalgic for an era long gone.  I, for one, am nostalgic for those days and wholly endorse bands like The Young Sinclairs that strive to make it relevant and modern once again (and do it well).  But timeless shit is always modern by its very definition, right?  So what are we waiting for?  Unfortunately, the vinyl is all gone but there's plenty-o-digital to go around. Get it here.

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