Friday, January 3, 2014

REVIEW: The Yolks - Two Dollars Out The Door b/w Pretty Thing 7" (Randy)

Chicago's favorite frat-punk band, The Yolks, are back and better than ever!  Their latest single, out on Randy Records, gives you a taste of this band's dual nature.  The A-side is a rippin' pop-punk jam about girls, beer and partying with an infectious refrain that begs the ultimate question "why do birds sing so gay?"  The world may never know, but who cares?..this song kicks ass.  The flip side is a lo-fi, scatchy, garage punk cover of Bo Diddley's "Pretty Thing".  Add buying this 7" to your 2014 resolutions list.  I expect to be working both of these jams into my next DJ set in between "The Rats Revenge" (The Rats) and "Paper Dolls" (The Nerves).  Get it here.

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