Wednesday, February 27, 2013

REVIEW: Today's Hits - Hitty Life EP (self-released)

Here's some trashy, home-spun music for your garage-rock-luvin' dome piece.  Today's Hits is James Swanberg, but he's put a band together featuring members of Magic Milk and The Sueves.  They'll be opening up a show at SubT with fellow Chi-town rockers Slushy, Vamos and The Nothingheads on Thursday.  So be there!  By the way, T.H. posts a new track every day on their blog here.

the event page is here.

REVIEW: Lazy - Party City 7" (Moniker)

This track starts out with some ambient noise which might make you think this is some boring art-school hipster bullshit...but then POW!  Lazy's 'Party City' explodes and feels just like the title implies it should.  Complete with background shouts, a ferocious jungle-punk rhythm, and the phrase, "If you don't want to go you don't have to..." I want to.  Get the 7" here.

OLD SHIT: The Real Kids - Common At Noon live (Norton)

This song gets me every time.  I like this live version better than the original which first appeared as the 'b' side opposite 'All Kindsa Girls.'  I'm not sure if its the Roger McGuinn-esque guitar picking, the beautiful chord structure or the fact that such a tough Boston band is playing such a sweet song...either way I'm a sucker for this shit.  I think this LP,  Grown Up Wrong, is out of print but you can still find for a reasonable price on the world-wide-inter-web.

REVIEW: The Go - Fiesta LP (Burger)

The Go's 'It Always Happens To You' is the only track available (legally) online so I cannot speak for the rest of the album.  However, if/when I finally do hear it and its got more vintage, 60s-bubblegum-pop like this then I will personally high-five the entire band.  Really cool shit...sounds like it could've been on Buddha Records circa 1968.  Buy the vinyl here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Local tone-tweakin' champions, BIGCOLOUR, produce etherial, other-worldly pop music.  Their latest release (July 2012), available on cassette through Teen River, demonstrates just how far into the stratosphere their willing to take they unique brand of noise pop.  Guitars sound like analog synthesizers, drums like industrial work zones and vocals like ghosts are trying to call you long distance.  These guys are recording/production wizards and they kick ass live too.  Pick up a copy (if its still in stock) of Your Body Doesn't Like The Decisions Your Body Makes, Vol. 2 here.

Monday, February 25, 2013

GOOD TIMES GONE: Naomi Punk/The Funs/Heavy Times/Big Colour SHOW PICS!

photo by Adrien De Martini
We knew this show was going to be good, but this one definitely fell into the 'great' category.  Every band was on the top of their game.  It was cold as fuck in the Dust Bowl (due to lack of proper indoor heating), but you could tell everyone had a great's the wrap-up...

Big Colour - These guys have two excellent guitar 'tweaker' frontmen, Brian and Alex, that perfectly compliment each other and the band's songs.  Their big sound filled The Dust Bowl's giant walls with spidering guitar riffs, falsetto vocals and a booming rhythm section.  We're used to seeing these guys headline shows.  They set the bar pretty high for the rest of the evening.

Heavy Times - If there was a half-pipe in this space we'd all have been thrashin' after this band got going.  As there name suggest they have a edge to their sound that is offset by their catchy riffs and kinetic energy.  I look forward to making love to my wife while she's wearing her brand new Heavy Times t-shirt...and using it as a cum rag afterwards (you're welcome, guys).  Another amazing set!

The Funs - These two are tighter and tighter every time I see them and last night they topped all of the previous times I've seen them.  They brought their 90s-noise-reduction sound with a I looked around I saw most of the audiences bobbing their heads in shoegazy approval.  Phillip was the one who put this amazing show together.  Thanks, Phil.

Naomi Punk - Lastly, Olympia, WA's noise wizards Naomi Punk, pushed the pedal all the way to the floor.  As evidenced by their recordings, these dudes take incredibly simple arrangements and turn them into epic walls of sonic fire.  Half the audience was in full-on-headbang-mode by the end of their set, almost erupting to a mosh, but not quite.  Oh yeah, and Dude's haircut was priceless.  Definitely check these guys out when they swing through.  Their tour schedule is posted below:

*jan 14 2013 olympia WASH @ "hot tub house" with nancy drew pentagram
*jan 18 2013 portland OREG @ "bunk" with parquet courts (nyc)
*jan 19 2013 seattle WASH @ "cairo gallery" with parquet courts (nyc)
*jan 20 2013 olympia WASH @ "northern" with parquet courts (nyc)
*feb 07 2013 portland OREG @ "holocene" with ff
*feb 08 2013 portland OREG @ "///////secret//////show///////"
*feb 15 2013 seattle WASH @ "the black lodge" with weed + cascadia
*feb 16 2013 olympia WASH @ "hot tub house" with weed + cascadia
*feb 23 2013 minneapolis MINN @ "vhs mess house" with hollow boys + tba
*feb 24 2013 chicago ILL @ "feel trip house" with the funs + heavy times
*feb 25 2013 ann arbor MICH @ "8 ball saloon"
*feb 26 2013 toronto ONT @ "the may"
*feb 27 2013 kingston ONT @ "the artel" *feb 28 2013 red hook NEWYOR @ "bard college"
*mar 01 2013 new york city @ music hall of williamsburg%
*mar 02 2013 purchase NY @ SUNY purchase%
*mar 03 2013 waltham MASS @ brandeis university%
*mar 04 2013 philadelphia PA @ kung fu necktie%
*mar 05 2013 washington DC @ dc 9%
*mar 06 2013 durham NC @ pinhook%
*mar 07 2013 savannah GA @ savannah stopover fest%
*mar 08 2013 atlanta GA @ 529%
*mar 09 2013 oxford MISS @ DENT MAY'S PAD
*mar 10 2013 denton TEX @ 35 denton fest%
*mar 11 2013 SXSW lol
*mar 12 2013 SXSW lol
*mar 13 2013 SXSW lol
*mar 14 2013 SXSW lol
*mar 15 2013 SXSW lol @ impose showcase#
*mar 16 2013 SXSW lol @ "captured tracks showcase"%
*mar 17 2013 norman OK @ opolis%
*mar 18 2013 lawrence KAN @ replay lounge%
*mar 19 2013 iowa city IA @ the mill%
*mar 20 2013 madison WI @ high noon saloon%
*mar 21 2013 chicago ILL @ empty bottle%
*mar 22 2013 denver COL @ TBA PLEASE HELP
*mar 24 2013 boise ID @ treefort*
*mar 30 2013 seattle WASH @ barboza# $


MIXTAPE: Burger Records Sampler

Ever been to the Burger Records bandcamp page?  Well, its got shit tons of great music (probably a lot of their favs).  Bands like Audacity, The Resonars, Danny James, NOBUNNY, MMOSS, Cumstain, Peach Kelli Pop, Gap know the crew.  Its all streaming for free, but make sure you head over to Burger Records and support some of these highly original/tasteful/exciting artists.  And for god's sake, catch'em live too.  Aww yeah.

REVIEW: Sleepies - Weird Wild World LP (God Mode)

The world of Sleepies is weird and wild indeed.  Nearly every track on here is a sonic onslaught that weaves in and out of hard core breaks, screeching guitar lines, tongue-in-cheek vocals and bleached-out noise.  On the last track the lead singer hilariously proclaims, "I TAKE THIS ALL VERY SERIOUSLY!" His tone is facetious, but Sleepies clearly do.  And I, for one, am glad for it.  Listen to this LP (on God Mode Records) and you'll be glad they do too.  Get it here.

REVIEW: El Sur - Elephante (self-released)

This Argentina duo lays down fuzzy riffs for inner slacker on 'Elephante.'  El Sur are dutiful purveyors of stripped-down, noisy rock n' roll...Their motto seems to be: keep it simple, play it loud.  A tried and true formula that they pull off quite well.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Campfires - Tomorrow, Tomorrow LP (Firetalk)

As the picture on the front page of their website suggests, Campfires's music blows into your head like a dusty, fuzzy, jangly cloud of sound.  Their intimate production style bears epic results as if you were sitting around a campfire under a clear starry night.  Tomorrow, Tomorrow is consistent and interesting throughout.  You should definitely pick this up at Firetalk before it disappears.  Get it here.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

GOOD TIMES: Sunday Funday - Naomi Punk // The Funs // Heavy Times // BIGCOLOUR @ the dust bowl TONIGHT!!!!

Ok Kids, I know this a bit late, but we've had busy weekends.  We've got our shit together now and we're headed over to the Dustbowl for some top of the line live music from Naomi Punk, backed by local headbangers The Funs, Heavy Times, and BIGCOLOUR.  Heavy Times has been ripping harder and harder every time I see them and BIGCOLOUR have always been friends and favs as well...I'm going to stop trying meow and go rock out...see you there, bitches!

ask a mug for the addy.

Now that's what I call Rock n' Roll...

Friday, February 22, 2013

OLD SHIT: Pentagram

by Steve Wichelecki The old rock 'n' roll cliche "almost famous" applies to no band more than Pentagram. Since the early '70s, frontman Bobby Liebling has continually clutched defeat from the jaws of victory. From blowing a major label record deal through Liebling's cantankerousness to the band choking during a private, once-in-a-lifetime performance for KISS to Leibling polluting his formidable talent with decades of hard drug use, no other band has ever been on the cusp of so much success and achieved so little. I will spare you the history lesson, as interesting as it is, and focus on the tunes. Those wanting to learn more, check out The Goddess of Doom's blog post and watch the Liebling documentary "Last Days Here" on Netflix. Pentagram formed in the early '70s, comprised of Liebling and some other dudes, and after some personnel switches what is known as the "classic" lineup was established. An early example of stoner rock, this incarnation of the band is a street-tough blend of hard rock, heavy psych and early metal. Heavy riffs, exquisite guitar work, beautiful songwriting and Liebling's one-of-a-kind vocal styling dominate. The gleaming gems from this era of Pentagram would and should have been released on Columbia Records in the mid '70s, but due to the aforementioned spat most of these songs never got past demo recordings. Songs like "Forever My Queen," "20 Buck Spin," "Lazy Lady" and "Last Days Here" deserve inclusion in the classic rock canon, and would be played on FM radio stations today had the album been released. But by 1976 major label interest had dried up and Pentagram withered and died.

Skip ahead to 1981, and Liebling resurrects Pentagram with some new dudes. This incarnation is regarded by many as the first doom band, and their debut album, known as "Relentless," has a long and complicated backstory that I won't get into here. What's important is that this album is amazing. Having gone largely ignored for the past 25 years or so, this masterpiece (like all things Pentagram) is finally getting its due with listeners discovering it through the aforementioned film "Last Days Here." Sometimes slow and sludgy, sometimes kicking into mid-tempo ragers, "Relentless" leaves the classic rock and psych behind. Dark, heavy with amazing songwriting by Liebling and Black Sabbath-obsessed guitarist Victor Griffin, "Relentless" is pure and pounding metal, and an album that gives listeners a delicious bonus in the form of a warm, low-fi recording. Below I've posted the remastered album in its entirety, but I would recommend snagging Pentagram's "Relentless" (and the demo collection "First Daze Here") from the Goddess of Doom blog.

REVIEW: Danny James - Pear (Burger)

Last year's Pear, the latest from soul/garage/pop genius Danny James, is an prime example how just how fruitful genre schizophrenia can be.  Lying somewhere between Joe Jackson, The Brothers Johnson and The Move- James surprises the listener at every turn with his versatility/pop sensibility.  Its also a great example of just how on-fire Burger Records has been over the past few years.  I mean, where do they find all of these pop savants?  My guess is some sort of satanic blood pact.  Its astonishing just how many 'true originals' the label has uncovered for the benefit of us all.  While the cassette is no longer in stock, you can still pick up a digital copy off of his bandcamp page.  And hey, maybe if we're lucky Burger will run off a few more.  If they do you'll find it here.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

REVIEW: Pamphleteers - Bloodshot (self-released)

I saw Pamphleteers for the first time recently and they've shortly become one of my favorite Chicago bands.  Their sound is an amazing synthesis of rock n' roll styles that they make their own.  'Bloodshot' is a great example.  I hear punk, new wave, noise, pop and even...dare I say...classic rock?  Yup.  I just did.  Also, I love the sound of this recording.  Its a high-end production style that still retains the grit and snarl of their live performances.  This song will be on one side of a split 12" with Blasted Diplomats (another great band from Chicago).  Not sure exactly where/when you'll be able to pick it up, but we'll let you know if we hear anything.  You can listen to/purchase this track [and a bunch more] here.

p.s. check out the package on that colonial chap in the picture....nice.

REVIEW: The Men - I Saw Her Face (from their "New Moon" LP on Sacred Bones)

No...its not the one by The Monkees.  'I Saw Her Face' is a new tune from The Men's forthcoming LP, New Moon, which will be available through Sacred Bones Records on March 5th.  Its pitch-perfect garage pop for pretty much any person.  Don't waste your time reading my bullshit- listen to it, already!  Get it [in a little bit] here.

NEW VIDEO: The Growlers - Someday

Let the Growlers take you along on their hobo honeymoon in the new video for Someday off their Beach Goth cassette. You can pre-order their forthcoming, Hung at Heart here. Its not short on bonus tracks.

NEW VIDEO: The Limiñanas - I'm Dead

The French group The Limiñanas (one of our favorites) have released a video for 'I'm Dead'- a song from their Crystal Anis LP (Hozac Records).  If you think that ballet and rock n' roll don't mix then you should check this out.  And then pick up the vinyl here.

REVIEW: Psychic Ills - One Track Mind (Sacred Bones)

Psychic Ills's One Track Mind (Sacred Bones Records) feels like heroin on a rainy day. The pace of the LP staggers occasionally revving up to a slow jog and bears all the marks of a modern garage rock record: echo effects, howling guitars, slacker vocals, etc...So do yer drugs, stare at the floor and get this record here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: The Bingers - Rhymes w/ Fingers (Wiener)

by Steve Wichelecki

The Bingers Rhymes w/ Fingers EP lands sonically somewhere between the rock 'n' roll ballads of the '50s and the down-and-out blues. From the dreamy, reverb-saturated 'In a Thought' to the rip-roaring "The Flying Shitshow Fuckfest Blues," poignant lyrics, bluesy solos and a lot of heart mark this second release from the Chicago outfit. The sizzling guitar lead weaving through "Fuckfest Blues" is reason enough to check these guys out. The Bingers' Rhymes w/ Fingers EP is available on cassette from Wiener Records. See them live Friday, March 8, at Quenchers with Mexican Knives, The Sueves and Bike Cops.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Deep Space - Cosmic Waves LP (Light and Sound)

Here's some heavy psych reverberations out of Austin, TX .  As their name might suggest, Deep Space's sound has an interstellar quality to it, but one that is highly informed by their earth-bound counterparts from the 1960s.  Get their latest, Cosmic Waves (Light and Sound), here.

NEW VIDEO: Destruction Unit - Evil Man

Tempe, Arizona's Destruction Unit brave the dark corridors of psychedelia armed with their noisy, fuzz-laden sound and emerge bearing treasures of epic gloom.  The VHS-recorded video features, among other things, the band members shooting off guns in the [Arizona?] desert.  I couldn't think of a better metaphor for the way this track sounds.  Its part of their Void LP available on Jolly Dream.

MIXTAPE: Dead TV's Austin Psych Fest Mix

Dead TV just posted their Austin Psych Fest mix and its chock full of psychedelic gems both old and new. Check it out here.

And check out Al Lover's APF mix here.

Monday, February 18, 2013

rock out...

...with your penis exposed.
a gift to you from WPOM

NEW VIDEO: Dog Legs - Cobra Snake

A ruff-n-reddy garage pop band from across the pond, Dog Legs, has released a new video for the song 'Cobra Snake' (off of last years EP Awkward).  This video makes me wanna scream "PLA-DOH FIGHT!" as I through a wadded-up ball of neon doh at someones balls.  Get the EP here.

NEW VIDEO: Surly Gates - March of The Fur Creatures

Huge psych sounds from Surly Gates from Austin, TX...March of The Fur Creatures is the first track off their latest self-titled EP.  Get the EP here.

REVIEW: White Mystery - Telepathic (forthcoming LP on Storenvy)

White Mystery, the Chicago bro-sis duo famous for their red curls, bouncy on-stage antics, and 4-chord rock, are out on vinyl again.  While not all of the tracks are availble online yet, the band has offered up a four songs on their bancamp to give a tiny taste of what's to come.  Try not to break a sweat as you check it out here.

GOOD TIMES: Thee Yolks - WHPK Party - Hyde Park, Chicago, IL

This house party was fucking far.  After waiting two hours for a mini-van cab to pick us we gave up waiting and drove (waaaay before our blood alcohol was of any legal or safety concern, mind you).  Finally, we got there, stumbled up to the door and found our way downstairs.  The Man were just finishing up- we completely missed Brians' Dirty Business (The Biz).  Thee Yolks eventually got set up and unleashed their signature 'frat rock punk' on a basement full of inebriated University of Chicago students.  The kegs were kicked by this point, but the party was still jumpin.  Check out more pics below.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

GOOD TIMES: Pamphleteers / OnYou - Quenchers 2-15-13

The Pamphleteers
Quenchers - Chicago, IL - 2-13-15

Rainbow Gun Show was the opener.  But I play drums for that

OnYou offered up their unique brand of meandering noise improvisations complete with projected images and altered sound clips.  Lead singer, Stan Wood was precariously perched atop his Hiwatt half stack as he sung and played guitar.  I was seriously afraid I was going to do the ole' two-man crowd surfing routine.  Luckily everything turned out fine and the band finished out their set safely.

Finally, Pamphleteers took the stage.  One of my favorites here in town. Their hook-laden songs show signs of early punk, new wave, grunge and pop.  Rebecca Crawford sings exactly how a rock n' roll lady should- she's precious, raw and poised.  Echoing, angular guitar, tastefully fingered bass lines, and big drums beats fill the rest of the space perfectly.  Definitely go and check out this band if you have the chance.  But if you don't like crowds just pick up their new split 12" (with Blasted Diplomats) which I have been assured will be out very soon.  Check out more pictures from the show below.

REVIEW: Thee Oh Sees - Minotaur (Castle Face)

You didn't hear it here first, but the new Thee Oh Sees track is so cool and different from most of their catalog- complete with string quartet, lyrics you can understand and conventional song structure- that we had to put our two-cents in.  Not sure if this spells out what is to come from these guys, but its cool for now.  Get their new LP (soon) here.

REVIEW: Chicagobowlsman - Tragic Johnson EP (self-released)

Pam Dunk (Kelly Nøthing), KILL Jackson and Michael Gordon (love the names, guys) are Chicagobowlsman of Chicago.  Their 2012 summer release, Tragic Johnson, is a trashy batch that skates between dark surf, ballsy garage, tweeked-out psych rock and experimental noise.  This came my way via Kenny Alden of Magic Milk which isn't surprising given the similar style and approach of the two bands.  Get the EP here.

NEW VIDEO: Super Wild Horses - Alligator

From their forthcoming LP on Dot/Dash Records (Remote Control), Super Wild Horses's 'Alligator' echos with new wave post-world-ness and catchy punk-rock-girl pop.  The video is has a cool 60s mod look to it.  Get the vinyl in April here.

Friday, February 15, 2013

REVIEW: White Fence - Pink Gorilla (from forthcoming LP on Castle Face)

Joyous day!  White Fence, better known as Tim Presley, has announced he will be releasing another 12" on Castle Face on April 9th.  If it sounds anything like this track its sure to be another stunner.  Presley is the crowned king of homemade recordings- he's already cranked out 2 stellar cassette-recorded-lo-fi albums that sound some early Honeybus demos from '68.  White Fence's new track follows suit, but cranks up the volume a bit.  Its a blown-out psych scorcher-of-a-track.  Get the LP on 4/9 here.

REVIEW: Uh Bones - 'Only You' 7" (Randy)

By Steve Wichelecki

"Amess" by Uh Bones is one of those songs that just makes you feel cool. The opening hook grooves back and forth with that '60s garage rock charm, the gritty simplicity grabbing your attention away from whatever it was you were just doing, moving you slow and steady for a while and then sending you soaring into space with the chorus. 

The song hit the scene last June as track one of Uh Bones' debut s/t release. And for this lowly writer it was easily the song of the summer, one of those songs that's simply impossible to shake out of the mind, the kind of song that's so good it can't evoke envy from a songwriter: All one can do is appreciate the simplicity of its perfection. 

"Only You" features a re-release of '"Amess" as well as another stellar track from the debut: "He's Got It." These two jams are sandwiched between the solid "Only You" and the shimmeringly soulful "Bait." Like with the s/t release, what makes "Only You" extra special is the band's use of and proficiency with analog recording equipment, which has now yielded them two releases with that truly "vintage" sound that can't be created digitally. Get the 7" now from Randy Records.

REVIEW: Ranch Ghost - Nahla 7" (Cass)

Ranch Ghost (Nashville) brings a certain southern twangy blues - think John Fogerty - into the garage, freaks it out, takes it surfing, and probably fucks it.  When they take it out again, its not the same.  Its totally radically righteous now.  These dudes are doing things right on this release. Both the tracks are stompers and we would love to see them come up to Chicago!  listen here. buy it here.



I picked up this bad boy after it got name-dropped on the Notes & Bolts podcast featuring our my homie Kenny and the rest of the Magic Milk crew.Screams of and shouts lace some the songs but the tubular surf riffs on this record are enough to make you mental. Get the net!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

REVIEW: Cosmonauts - Lazerbeam EP

Cosmonauts are constantly touring and cranking out radical so-cal psych jams.  Lazerbeam is their latest 7" from the presses.  Guitars jangle under orbiting vocals and heavy beats that will have you bouncing around your shitty apartment in no time. buy it here

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NEW VIDEO: The Rock-afire Explosion performs 'Gonna Die Out Here' by the Fagettes

Its like Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution with animatronic bears instead of chimps.  And The Fagettes rule.  Speaking of links, get the tune here.

REVIEW: La Luz - Damp Face EP (Burger)

Doo-wop guitars...lots of echo...aww yeah.  Get it here.

GOOD TIMES: Lookout Weekend II - Milkwaukee, WI 4/5-4/7

So many great bands are playing at this damn thing...just look at the fb event page. The event is co-sponsored by HEY TONIGHT PRODUCTIONS, 91.7 WMSE, SLOVENLY RECORDS, and TIC-TAC TOTALLY RECORDS.  I've been digging on the official event 'mix' as of late.  Check it out...

REVIEW: Real Numbers - Only Two Can Play EP (Three Dimensional)

Minneapolis's Real Numbers are undeniably poppy, sweet even, with just enough edge so as not to scare the boys away.  The raspy lead vocals are sung at the top of his range giving the songs a fragile-yet-road-worn quality.  Its held together nicely by the bands lo-fi-but-not-too-lo-fi approach.  Get the 7" on April 1st at Three Dimensional Records.

REVIEW: Day Creeper - Hell Is Real (from forthcoming LP on Tic Tac Totally)

Buoyant garage pop for the underdog from Columbus, OH.  Day Creeper's whole approach slacks off in the best of ways.  The guitar is fuzzy, the rhythm section is punky, and the vocals are delivered with the sort of disinterested, self-depricating optimism.  Just the sort of formula that makes you wanna get drunk and bounce around with your friends.  The LP will be available soon on Tic Tac Totally Records.

REVIEW: Shoes - Un Dans Versailles reissue (Numero Group)

This is one of those early 70s albums that seems to encompass everything that was great about rock n' roll up until that point and everything after- like Big Star's Radio City or Alice Cooper's Easy Action.  Straddling the intersection between classic rock, power pop, proto-punk and psychedelia, Un Dans Versailles is diverse and understated.  Folks familiar with their later, glossier hits will be surprised that this recording is fairly 'lo-fi' which makes it all the more charming.  Get the reissue on Numero Group here.

NEW VIDEO (sort of): Rabble Rabble - Waste of Time

We're 2 months late on this, but who cares...its good.  Well, actually the video's pretty stupid, but I think that's the point.  The song is great.  Anthemic garage rock for the beer-guzzling masses.  I was humming along to this by the end of it.  Rabble Rabble are playing Valentine's Day show with cross-town rivals, Vamos at The Owl.

REVIEW: Maston - Shadows LP (Trouble In Mind)

At this point it would seem as if this blog was merely a promotional mouthpiece for Trouble In Mind Records- we're not, but we can't help it...TIM has been on fire lately and Maston's Shadows LP is another prime example.  2 parts Pet Sounds, 2 parts Ennio Morricone, 1 parts Stereolab, 1 parts Burt Bacharach.  Maston stays on the orchestral side of pop- there are lots full instrumental sections, auxiliary percussion and baroque keyboards. But most of the songs amble on a a mid-tempo clip, putting you at ease as you melt into Maston's delicious soundscapes.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Dead Ghosts - I Sleep Alone 7" (Randy Records)

Out on Chicago's own, Randy Records, is a new 7" by Vancouver's own, Dead Ghosts.  Side A has a country skip and a howling vocal that's delivered with a little twang.  Side B is a slightly off-kilter 3-chord banger.  Get the vinyl here.

Monday, February 11, 2013

REVIEW: Jacco Garnder - Cabinet of Curiosities LP (Trouble In Mind / Excelsior)

Cabinet of Curiosities drifts and winds through a lush psychedelic landscape full of vivid sonic textures.  Gardner leads us down into his aural mandala on a cloud as if he's speaking to us from an "outer dream."  He enlists hi-fidelity recording techniques letting the texture and timbre of his varied instrumentation do the talking.  The overall effect is brilliant, tasteful and assuredly mellow.  Like his fellow Barrett-ites, Gardner's songs are sardonic and full of psychedelic imagery. This is one of those albums that makes you want to smoke a joint, put on the headphones and head for the a good way.  The record's out in Europe on Excelsior (Netherlands) and will be available soon in the states on Trouble In Mind.

REVIEW: Basic Cable - Demo 2013 (self-released)

A total mess has never sounded so good. Chicago's Basic Cable has reared its alcohol-soaked head from the gutter to bring us hypnotic two-chord punk droning with a brutal primitivism as gentle as meat hooks. It's your worst night of decadence and debauchery. It's bottles, cans and cigarette butts strewn across some shitty apartment floor. At times escalating into a full-on sonic assault, the three-track demo pounds with the fury of in-the-red everything, the drums keeping the depraved beat of some pagan sacrifice, the reverb-laden vocals vacillating between desperation and indifference, the fuzzed-out guitar riffs grooving with intoxicating monotony. Basic Cable includes a few of Chicago's usual rock 'n' roll suspects you've surely partied with at some point. Check them out Friday, February 15, at Burlington with Negative Scanner and Radar Eyes.

by Steve Wichelecki

Sunday, February 10, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Twin Peaks - Stand In The Sand

From there latest full-length, Sunken (available on tape through Manic Static or online at the Twin Peaks bandcamp), 'Stand in the Sand' brims over with dreamy toughness and pensive rebellion.  The video features the band hanging out amidst some urban ruins (the lakefront in Rogers Park?) with their friends- skating, riding scooters and smoking what looks to be some sort of controlled substance.  This band is super tight and fun to see live.  Check 'em out in Chicago sometime before they get huge and move to Brooklyn.  Buy the cassette here.

Twin Peaks - Stand in the Sand from RYAN OHM ▲ on Vimeo.