Monday, January 13, 2014

REVIEW: Verma - Coltan LP (Touble In Mind, Notes and Bolts)

Sometimes I'm asleep at the wheel and miss out on cool shit when its released....even when its right under my nose.  Verma's Coltan LP is one such release.  This Chicago band embodies the spirit of what I consider "new psychedelia".  Their sound is expansive, pensive, introspective, often dissonant, layered with texture and featuring long track times.  The latter certainly applies to this LP.  Its only got 2 tracks that clock in at around 20 minutes a pop.  I gotta be honest, if I was in your shoes and had just read that last sentence I would say to myself "oh, you mean its boring?"  In most cases I'd be right.  Coltan, however is so skillfully executed and sonically interesting that it is the exception to my "longer=boring" rule.  Its definitely a record that you gotta strap in for, but I think its worth the 40 minutes out of your day to do so.  I also like this band for the fact that they sound truly psychedelic and not just "weird" or "experimental".  Verma really make you believe that this music was created while on peyote out in a desert somewhere. It's like...far out, man.  If you're a fan of the more post-rockish Talk Talk records you'll probably dig this too.  Get it here.

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