Wednesday, October 30, 2013

REVIEW: YORCHH s/t EP digital release (self-released)

Bring on the drone.  Fans of Chicago's premiere noise punk label, Manic Static, might want to sink their ears into this.  Spain's YORCHH not only make noise, but they've got a good ear for what their noise should sound like.  There's a low drone throughout which might be the result of a strummed bass guitar or a guitar plugged into a bass amp.  The tunes bop along and do so only as long as they need to.  Its hard to understand the lyrics, but I'm assuming they express some sort of deep anguish overcome by sheer force of will.  This EP is powerful, dark and toe-tappin'.  Get it here.

OLD SHIT: King Sin - The Fucking Amazing King Sin (1993)

Oh yeah...that's's one of the weirdest things I've come across in a while.  King Sin is Ed Nehring from Cedar Rapids, IA and he might not be well, but like Antoine Newcomb once declared, "Thank God for mental illness."  Using only an acoustic and a voice King Sin leads us on a magical misery tour of his obtuse psyche.  After reading some of the song titles ("Put a Pickle in the Freezer", "Don't Clip My Pee Pee" and "The Violence In My Cock") I was certain I was in for a rare treat and damnit...I sure was right.  If Jonathan Richmond, Ian MacKaye and Daniel Johnston all fucked, had a baby, never loved it and gave that baby an acoustic guitar it might sound something like this.  Get it here.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

REVIEW: Dog Legs - Awkward EP cassette (TUFF ENUFF)

If you've been reading this blog with any sort of regularity you know I have a penchant for the girlie garage punk...especially if its the hooky, doo-woppy, booty-shakin' variety.  I guess you could say that Brighton, UK's Dog Legs diddles my proverbial clit just the way I like it.  In Februrary I wrote about a video they made for the song "Cobra Snake" which is featured on this release.  I'm pleased to say that the rest of the EP has not disappointed me in the least.  This band is so well put together and these ladies aren't afraid to let their music enter all areas: sensitive, ragged, tough, irreverent, poppy, humorous, folky, etc.  Throughout, they maintain a cohesive, lo-fi/hi-fi sound.  I'm giving them 420 out of 666 stars.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Drug Bond - Punk Damage digital single (self-released)

Got another raw hardcore jam for you people.  I really like the way this recording sounds: guitars up front with the rest of the band lingering in the acoustics of the garage/practice space and the vocals piercing through with just a hint of reverb.  Hardcore punk (especially straight edge shit) is definitely the providence of youth.  Admittedly, my interest in the genre wains considerably as the average age of the band creeps up past 20.  I may have just put my foot in my mouth- I have no idea how old this band is- but Drug Bond brings the correct spirit, energy and sound for this type of music.  Nice fucking work, dudes.  Get it here.

Monday, October 28, 2013

REVIEW: Epicycle - You're Not Gonna Get It LP comp (Hozac)

The archival wing of Chicago's Hozac Records has been busy lately, releasing the sort of rare, hard-to-find, forgotten artists that any dedicated reissue label would strive to attatch their imprint to.  The latest example of their fruitful efforts is an old hometown band, Epicycle.  These late 70s punk pioneers are as raw, interesting and preeminent as any of their Midwestern peers yet their legacy has been sadly lost to the dumpster of punk history.  This LP features selections from their brilliant, albeit brief tenure.  Pick one up and impress your punker-than-thou friends who're always scoffing at your "inobscure" listening choices.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Poolboy - Soda Kids EP (self-released, Grabbing Clouds)

Oklahoma's Poolboy play surfy garage pop and their latest, Soda Kids, is a well-produced demonstration of what these dudes can do. The songs are catchy and the arrangements are balanced and serve the songs well...I predict these young gentleman will be making more waves in the future.  Their sound is too focused and instantly appealing not too.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Food Court - Smile At Your Shoes EP (self-released)

Skating back and forth between hazy, grungey noise and Cali surf pop is Sydney's Food Court.  I guess you could say their music is sunny and cloudy at the same time.  If Thurston Moore had been a little less jaded and applied a modern-garage-styled spacial effect to his vocals he might have made music similar to these dudes.  All six songs are consistent in form and function and provide plenty of places for the audience to scream along.  Well worth a listen/scream.  Get it here.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

REVIEW: Wayward Ones - Catherine St. Demos (self-released)

Wowie zowie!  Feel like a fist full of hardcore straight to the dome piece?  Meet Wayward Ones, a Philly punk band that have released a handful of demos that I'm assuming they recorded themselves in their practice space.  The guitar tone is out front on these tracks and practically explodes through the speakers.  The band isn't reinventing the wheel here, but who gives a fuck?  These recordings are blown-out, gnarly, fast and brutal.  Its musical violence the way it was meant to sound.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Pores S/T cassette (self-released)

Like an intoxicated friend who shouldn't drive himself home but is so confident in their drunkenness that they drive themselves anyways, Pores weave and nod off at the wheel with one eye open, but they believe they can make it...and more importantly they convince the listener in the passenger seat that they can too.  This off-kilter west coast noise punk outfit have got some weird tunes, but its a "good" weird.  Each track takes unexpected turns and pit stops through a cavernous terrain as the vocalist, lackadaisical and yet assured, spits obtuse metaphors with bravado as the band holds fast to their dissonant aesthetic.  These dudes are chock full of...uh?..noise swag?  Get it here.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

REVIEW: Vacation Club - Daydream b/w Forest Babe 7" (Randy)

I'm not sure why its taken me so long to get around to reviewing this record...I've been rocking out to it since it came out in July and its on one of Chi-town's finest labels, Randy.  Vacation Club, out of Indianapolis, encapsulate a lot of what is great about rock n' roll: they're noisy, glamtastic, surfy, tough, hummable, danceable, etc...basically its a fucking party for your ear balls.  The cover ain't bad for your eye balls either.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Slushy - Pocket b/w Candy 7" (Randy)

While many eyes in Chicago were wet when Brent Zmrhal skipped town a few weeks ago we were at least left with a parting gift in consolation.  Brent is one half of our city's sunniest pop duo, Slushy.  Their latest [and only?] 7" out on Randy Records is frickin' sweet...literally.  Lead singer/songwriter Chris Kramer has a way with penning simple, catchy, infectious pop music that would probably give you a toothache if you listened to too much of it.  The saccharine tunes are offset by the band's dirty, lo-fi approach.  Get it here.

p.s. look out for an exclusive Slushy track on the next WPOM? mixtape!

NEW VIDEO: Panda Kid - Daltonic Eyes

Here's an example of a video that is perfectly paired with the music.  Panda Kid's Daltronic Eyes, a tune off of their forthcoming Summetry LP on ALREADY DEAD TAPES, is awkward, homemade, psychedelic yet oddly intriguing.  While the modalities and songwriting are different, I think fans of White Fence will dig this band.  Its a bit more Bolan-esque, but it has the same "outsider art" feel to it that works just works.  Get it here.

REVIEW: The Leave Me Be's - We Used To Have Girlfriends cassette EP (Maximum Pelt)

Jackson, Mississippi's, The Leave Me Be's, have a laid back feel but yet still convey an overall feeling of raw power.  Their latest, We Used to Have Girlfriends, is a homogenous in its sound, production, song-writing and delivery.  Its breezy and heavy, conveying a youthful energy that is willful, pensive and looking forward.  I'm gonna take a stab at giving a point of reference as to the band's sound...kinda somewhere between Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees and Smith Westerns?  Oh well, who gives a fuck...this shit is cool.  Get it here or here.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WPOM? RECORDS: THE RUBS - DEMOS cassette EP is out!!!

We are proud to announce the release of yet another new Chicago group...(its my group, actually)...The Rubs!!!  This recording has a homemade, proto-punk/power pop vibe minus drums, but I think it holds up OK without them (at least I hope it does).  These are "bedroom" demos that sound snarly and trashed-up, but in a listenable way.  And you can rest assured that the band has been fully assembled and features former/current members of Strychnine, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate, The Sueves, The Yolks, Uh Bones, Skymaul and Bigcolour...pretty sweet, eh?  Witness The Rubs for the first time this Saturday (10/19) at The Chicago Underground Music Archive Fund-Rager with Coffinships, Lil Tits, Foul Tip, PISSPISSPISSMOANMOANMOAN, The Lemons and The Chicagodrones.  While you're there, pick up a cassette..or just get it here.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Palmflower - Experimental Jazz full-length cassette (Loli Pop!)

Palmflower occupies a space somewhere between the precious and the trashy.  Y'know, like all those rocker girls with cute bangs and gnarly tattoos that make your voice crack and spurn you on to ingest more liquid courage than you should.  The song forms are simple, to-the-point and follow the old school rock n' roll road map.  You may have caught them opening up for Peach Kelli Pop a couple weeks ago...a fitting pairing.  Both bands have "cute", teeny-bopper aesthetic, but aren't afraid to blow your face off.  Palmflower is girlie rock done right!  Get it here.

p.s. catch them at the Burlington Bar tonight with Todd Novak (Hozac) DJin'!