Friday, January 10, 2014

REVIEW: mtvghosts - Dystopio EP (self-released, Notes & Bolts)

by Steve Wichelecki

Harmonies, hooks and romantic peril abound on mtvghosts' Dystopio EP, a six-song offering out of Chicago that spills forth its delicious sonic nectar in a style that's '80s synth pop meets a more contemporary FM-friendly pop rock. Sugary melodies and massaging harmonies leap from a beautifully complex web of jaunty guitars, deftly applied synthesizer and a rhythm section taken straight out of '80s new wave. Thematically, the record seems to cohesively chronicle a doomed infatuation, one that goes from crushing on the girl to becoming a crash-and-burn spurned suitor. The Dream Girl is a powerful muse, and these songs are just the vehicle to tell that story.

Dystopio is available through the band's bandcamp and will be out on vinyl via Notes & Bolts Records and Tapes. Get it here.

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