Friday, January 3, 2014

REVIEW: Massenger - Girl Glass EP (self-released)

Massenger's lead singer, Sasha Green, is least she sounds tough...either way I wouldn't mess with her.  This EP, recorded at Abbey Road West in Los Angeles (never knew there was such a place), blasts out of the speakers with beautifully mixed/mastered sound.  Don't let that fool you though...this record kitty still has claws.  Massenger has a great knack for putting together songs that are simple yet still interesting.  All the while the rhythms plod away, the bled-out guitar tone fills all the gaps and Sasha's tough-girl growlings float over the top of everything.  Its a similar dynamic to Cincinnati's Tweens (I know, I know...I'll stop comparing every band to Tweens...but...I like Tweens).  Overall this is a very impressive release...well worth your time.  Get it here.

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