Tuesday, November 19, 2013

COMING SOON: ▲▼▲ WHY? TEE VEE ▲▼▲ - music videos, live footage, band interviews, comedy, news and more!!!

We are proud to announce our latest addition to the media juggernaut that is Why Pick On Me?....


That's right folks!  Once a month (or so) we'll be compiling brand new video content for your viewing pleasure.  What sorts of video content? you ask...y'know...the kinda shit garage punkers are into...live video clips, band interviews, comedy, news, music videos and all-out-brain-dead-rock-n-roll stupidity.  Because, after all, doesn't the internet need yet another YouTube channel?  We say "Yes!" as long as it completely pollutes the minds of the unexpecting, overstimulated youth with dirty, fuzzy, loud, DIY rock n' roll shit!  Who's with us?!?!  We're not exactly sure when the first episode will "air" but rest assured it will be up and running before you can say I WANT MY WHY? TEE VEE!!!!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

REVIEW: Dragster - Shit By Dragster (self-released)

Dragster, a two-piecer out of Rennes, France are keeping things simple and laying it down dirty.  The three songs that comprise this digital release all come in at about 2 minutes...each one its own little garage punk screamer complete with Dywer-esque yelping and echo.  Unlike Thee Oh Sees however, they prefer their ditties draped in a lo-fi filth which, I must admit, immediately endeared me to their music.  No wheel reinvention here, but that doesn't mean this shit doesn't rip.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Nombre De Banda - Mountain Hot (self-released)

I'm loving this quirky, lo-fi release by L.A.'s Nombre De Banda.  And just like their name suggests these guys have a sense of humor that shines through not only in their obtuse, sardonic lyrics, but also in their delightfully strange arrangements.  It all delivered via the band's rough n' ragged production style complete with cheap organs and buzzing guitars.  Its sounds like a children's album made for adults.  Its hilarious and brilliant.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Tummy - Flamingo Lightning cassette EP (self-released)

Available for pre-order is Tummy's Flamingo Lightning EP.  This Seattle garage-surf band sound fickin awesome...at least as far as I can tell from the one song that is available for streaming on their bandcamp.  However, "Ghost Planet" has pricked my interest enough to mention it here.  The song takes several interesting turns beginning with a two-chord, minimalist synth arpeggiation which launches into a punchy surfy groove.  The song changes gears toward the end desolving into a slow soul/r&b shuffle.  This band displays a unique blend of influences and still manage to fit them into the modern DIY-garage style.  Get it here.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

REVIEW: TV Freaks s/t cassette (Shake!)

Canada's Shake! Records has released a bunch of cool records and tapes thus far including this one from their fellow countrymen, TV Freaks.  This Hamilton band plays driving, full-force garage punk.  The vocals rarely dip below a scream, the riffs are tough and the band is noisy and tight.  Get it here.

Friday, November 8, 2013

REVIEW: Thommy Crimson & Kidd Rags - Leather Heroin digital single (self-released)

I haven't been freakin' the fuck out lately on some proper psych-garage jams and Thommy Crimson & Kidd Rags's "Leather Heroin" is making me regret it.  This recording is a swirling caldron of noise with a plodding back beat and a hypnotic, space-echo-ridden vocal.  Its heeeeavy, man...2 minutes and 59 seconds full of pure sassafras smoke.  Obey the golden titty!!  Get it here.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

REVIEW: The Lemons - Hello, We're The Lemons (Tripp Tapes)

Chicago's sunshine super group have officially arrived!  The Lemons's Hello, We're The Lemons is in the running for Most Charming Chicago Release of 2013.  Not only are the songs cute, funny, weird and quirky...they're also expertly recorded (and I mean that in the most DIY/lo-fi way possible) and instantly memorable.  The good times are palpable on these recordings and, just like their live shows, the sound of this band is like a pure nitrous oxide hit straight to the dome...it makes you smile, feel stupid and want to hug the next person you see (especially if the person is dressed up like a giant teddy bear).  Its bubblegum completely unleashed in the happiest, catchiest way possible.  Group vocals, tasty licks, infectious melodies shine through a veritable cornucopia of production styles.  Highly recommended!!!  Oh yeah...did I mention the band is comprised of members of Today's Hits, Slushy, Hollow Mountain, Skymaul and The Rubs.  Its pure Chicago pop, people.  Get it here.

REVIEW: The Brats - Be A Man b/w Quaalude Queen 1974 archival release (Hozac)

This the second Hozac archival release we've covered in the past month...its not due to laziness or hometown favoritism...this shit just rules!  One of the latest, and recently made available, is a dusty jam from The Brats - a tough, trashy glam band from the early/mid seventies.  If you listen close enough you can hear the sweat making the band's eye shadow run.  'Nuff said.  Get it here.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

REVIEW: Cramapel - 1974 digital track (self-released)

Nice! Just caught wind of this noisy glam punk band from Rio De Janeiro.  Cramapel have got a fantastic warm, fuzzy sound.  The song itself is hooky and melodic.  Just cause your head is trapped in a post modern malaise doesn't mean you can't put your hands together and dance the night away.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Ba'ad Trip - Beach Flower digital EP (self-released)

Ba'ad Trip play junky, lo-fi punk reminiscent of Stooges with a spooky twist...complete with ski masks!  These dudes have a really cool recording style too.  The instrumentation is muffled, fuzzy, dry and tastefully staged.  The vocals are warm and distorted with a little delay/echo that gives the whole sound its "spooky" rockabilly feel.  Which explains why this EP was released on Halloween last week.  The overall charm of their approach makes the few rhythmic hiccups completely forgivable.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Joujou Jaguar - Demo #2 (self-released)

Straight forward 2-man garage rock out of Paris, France.  This recording covers all the sonic bases that Joujou Jaguar's guitar-drums set up requires: treble-heavy, echoing guitar, round warm drums and some fuzzy lead vocals to fill in the resulting frequencies.  This track has a swing to it that reminds me of Madison's The Hussy.  If this is their second "demo" I can't wait to hear more.  Get it here.