Saturday, June 29, 2013

REVIEW: LANTERN - Mr Mars / Rock 'n' Roll Music - 7" (Goodbye Boozy)

Yeeehaw!  More raw power from Philly's Lantern.  Live and on record this band's got rawk by the fistful.  But just like on Reading Rainbow, you don't have to take my word for it.  Get it here.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

REVIEW: Lonesome Shack - City Man LP (Knick Knack, Burger)

Lonesome Shack is as close to The Delta as you want a white guy from Seattle to get.  Lead fingerpicker/lamenter, Ben Todd, stays well within his god-given bounds as he offers up these 10 tunes recorded live at Cafe Racer in his hometown.  Its been picked up on Burger as a split along with Lonesome Shack's November 2010 release Slidin Boa. Get it here. Or here.

REVIEW: Toons - [Demo] EP (self-released)

More sweet demos from Brooklyn!  I have to say that it feels nice to write a couple of nice things about Brooklyn...I feel that I am often hating on NYC...I mean, they probably have lots of great bands, but they sort get overshadowed by the college-indie-bullshit they crank out.  In all fairness there's probably just as many great garage and punk music there than anywhere else.  Exhibit A: Toons.  This band has an awesome overall energy and feel.  Lots of 90s influence here.  This EP is all bouncy, well-written, loser-pop gems.  I really like this band...can't wait to hear more.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Las Rosas - Demos (self-released)

While bandcamping the other day I stumbled upon this awesome shit from Brooklyn (not a phrase I often utter).  According to Las Rosas these tracks are demos and I have been assured that "better" recordings are on the way.  For my taste, the handful of tunes they've posted so far are really damn good.  Its garage rock with just the right amount pop sensibility and sprinkled with a little "don't give a shit" attitude.  One of my favorite bands from NYC right now for sure.  Check 'em out here.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

REVIEW: Heavy Times - Fix It Alone LP (Hozac)

I got a chance to catch up with Bo and Matt the other day in front of J.J. Peppers sippin' on some Icehouse "EDGE" tall boys...and apparently, despite all the rumors of a break-up, we can rest easy knowing that Heavy Times is soldiering on.  And while their band status is no longer on the brink, that doesn't mean that these dudes' music won't sound desperate, soul-crushing and suicidal as fuck.  Fix it Alone is far from some whiny break-up emo bullshit though...these dudes make isolated emotions burn white hot like an outcast phoenix about to explode into flames or maybe some misunderstood teenager blowing his brains out in the middle of a class presentation.  Its pretty epic.  Get it on Hozac Records here.

OLD SHIT: Registrators - Here Comes The Summer / Out Side

Japanese punk rock mayhem...What else can one say about this except 'cheggz it out, dude'? Registrators fucking throw down.

If you wanna learn about more killer Japanese punk rock here's a cool VICE magazine article on the topic:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

❤AUSSIES❤: REVIEW: The Living Eyes s/t LP (Anti-Fade)


This is part of a series of reviews highlighting some of our favorite bands from the Australian continent...

More sounds from Geelong are rattling around in our earballs this week thanks to The Living Eyes.  Their straight-forward garage pop sound is punctuated by fuzzy, jangly guitars and a snotty, garage-punk vocal delivery.  The band pulses together in such a way which makes it impossible not to headbang to yourself.  They definitely have a heart for the 1960s and bring the immediacy and ballsiness of that era into a modern context.  Get it here.

❤AUSSIES❤: REVIEW: The Frowning Clouds - Gospel Sound From The Church Of Scientology (Saturno)


This is part of a series of reviews highlighting some of our favorite bands from the Australian continent...

The Frowning Clouds are from Geelong (just like our buddies, The Laughing Leaves).  They seem to borrow all my favorite sounds of the sixties: surf, freakbeat, garage, frat and psych...and mix them together with their own unique synergy.  The result is a diverse palette of sounds that goes down smooth with the band's hooky melodies and vintage production approach.  Its music that makes you wanna grab a super 8 camera and shoot grainy footage of a sunny meadow through billowing clouds of weed smoke.  Turn your mind on to the youth movement, dig?  Unfortunately, this tape was a limited run, but you can download the tracks here.

❤AUSSIES❤: REVIEW: Scotdrakula - Burner EP (self-released)


This is part of a series of reviews highlighting some of our favorite bands from the Australian continent...

Scotdrakula, plays pop music....our kinda pop music.  The songs are well-written and well-recorded and the overall tone of the band-- their echo-y spaces, tasteful vocal harmonies and raspy [and very American-sounding] howling-- is just too infectious to resist.  Get it here.

Friday, June 21, 2013

REVIEW: My Dick - My Dick's Double Full Length Release (god knows...)

There's nothing I can really say about this other than that I was laughing out loud the entire time.  Get it here.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GOOD CAUSE: Elijah Von Cramon (Paint Fumes) NEEDS YOUR HELP!

One our most righteous garage punk brethren, Elijah Von Cramon of the band Paint Fumes, has been hit by a car and needs financial his own words:

"The night of June 4th 1990, Dead boy Stiv Bators got hit by a car, and became an actual dead boy hours later. Years later, 2013 (year of scum) February 13th to be exact, I got hit by a car, and died too. Well for a few minutes at least. Luckily enough, I didn't stay dead... but I was left with a shattered pelvis, broken femur, my knees all kinds of mangled up, busted head, broken teeth, and lying in a puddle of my own blood and vomit. I was in critical condition for weeks, and then in the trauma unit for about 2 and a half months. Definitely not a fun place. So here I am now back at home with a mountain of bills and unable to walk, or work to pay the bills. One of the worst parts about all this is that I was supposed to leave for a west coast and European tour, weeks after with my band, Paint Fumes. So here I am at home, missing tour, and worst of all missing being normal. People have been amazing with all the support, love, and donating money...and you can do that too, if ya want. It would be much appreciated by me, my family and my friends. Thank you.

Elijah von Cramon"


REVIEW: The Mantles - Long Enough To Leave LP (Slumberland)

I first heard the sounds of The Mantles streaming over one of my favorite online radio stations, Wub-Fur Radio, a few days ago.  I instantly fell in love with their fuzz-to-jangle ratio, pop-sensibility and 80s paisley underground influence (at least that's what I'm calling it).  And guess where their from?...the Bay Area (yet again).  If I hear one more kick-ass band from northern Cali I'm just going to have to sign a lease on a second apartment in Oakland.  Sheesh.  Get it here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NEW VIDEO (sort of): JEFFREY NOVAK - Here Comes Snakeman (In The Red)

The song and the video both kick ass.  Sounds somewhere between Syd Barrett and Lou Reed.  The video is shot on VHS and features 4 white-clad Jeffrey Novaks jamming with...uh...himselves.  This track is off of his Baron In The Trees LP.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Kaviar Special s/t (self-released)


French band Kaviar Special makes a their debut self titled 6 song EP with some jams that combine harder lo-fi style, reverbed out vocals and guitar with surf rock elements. The songs are a touch longer for bands doing this kind of genre but they make it work. Think Ty Segall meets the Shivas. “Shirley” has some creative changes to it with catchy guitar and vocals and ends with a breakdown that really brings shit home. The EP climaxes with “Sabadidon”  - a more drawn out but rocking tune that has surfy guitar bits, catchy vocal harmonies and a good ole rock and roll melody. For sure worth a listen, get it here

Monday, June 17, 2013

REVIEW: Make-Overs - Surfbored b/w Will It Ever Grow Back (Hozac)

Part of Hozac's latest "hook-up club" subscription, Make-Overs latest 7" is fierce as all get-up.  The two-piece South African outfit is known for their no-frills style and conniption-fit delivery.  I was bummed that I couldn't see them play when they came trough town a few weeks ago, but I still got to meet Martinique and Andreas at The Charleston while DJing with Nathan Webber.  This hot little piece of wax will definitely be popping up in my forthcoming playlists.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Primal Scream - I Want You (track from 'More Light' LP, self-released?)

Jangle pop heroes Primal Scream issued a limited edition 12" release for Record Store Day 2013 that featured this sweet Troggs cover.  Check out Rate Your Music for info on classic Primal Scream releases.  Get the new LP here.

REVIEW: Bonniwells - Sneeze Weed LP (self-released, Z-Man)

The Bonniwells are another in a long line of reasons why I should make a trip down to New Zealand for a musical vacation.  Their music is poppy and sloppy with a dash of sunshine and slacker swag for days.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Unwed Teenage Mothers - Forever Until You Are Bones (Hiss Lab)

Unwed Teenage Mothers play garage rock that skates the fine line between the light-hearted and the heavy-hearted.  This music sounds like how I felt when I was 14...and isn't that what rock n' roll is all about?  Get it here.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

REVIEW: St. Dad - S/T (Moon Machinations, Vinyl Rites, 160H)

Alright...these guys have a weird sound, but give it a second...they're actually awesome.  The vocal delivery, St. Dad's most striking feature, sounds like Zorak from Space Ghost if he got kicked in the nuts.  Its an intentional affectation that might make you a little uncomfortable, but it fits perfectly into St. Dad's irreverent and off-kilter world.  The songs are simple punk tunes that still offer up interesting changes and breaks.  And the whole album is recorded with just the right amount of filth.  Get it here.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NEW VIDEO: The Beets - Sanity (Wayward)

If you don't know The Beets you definitely should 'cause they're pretty kickass.  They're new video for the track "Sanity" is a tribute to Andy Kaufman and features singer Juan Wauters wrestling a bunch of girls.  The song is awesome.

REVIEW: Proto Idiot - You're Wrong b/w You Can't Hide 7" (Trouble In Mind)

Proto Idiot's latest 7" available on Chicago's Trouble In Mind label is catchy, understated garage punk.  But instead of opting to "turn it to eleven" these dudes turn it down to five.  Its acoustic punk reminiscent of The Violent Femmes that let's the songs do the talking.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Jail Bail Compilation - Various Artists (Slop Bop)

We're not the only ones putting sweet comps lately...Slop Bop has assembled a fine assortment of up and comers along with some more established underground acts.  Sam Coffey, Cum Stain (who are on our first comp as well), Nectarine Pie and lots of other fine bands are the included.  Oh yeah...and its for a good cause too: 100% of the proceeds go towards bailing Sean Bop out of County.  Get it here.

Monday, June 3, 2013

REVIEW: The Sulfur Lights - Little Pills EP (self-released)

The Sulfur Lights howl and scream with the best of them.  Their music is straight ahead garage punk played dirty, loud and tight as hell.  This release will definitely be high on our list of best releases of 2013 (and the word on the street is an LP on the way very shortly).  Watch out for these Aussies...they're killin' it.  Check'em out here.