Friday, January 10, 2014

REVIEW: Panda Kid - Summetry LP (Already Dead)

We did a review of Panda Kid's (Santa Monica) video for "Daltronic Eyes" a little while back and now the band is set to release a full LP on Chicago's prolific Already Dead Tapes...a label I regrettably was not familiar with until today, but who nonetheless have over 100 releases to date (I gotta get with it).  Summetry is blend of low-key punk, 60s psych/garage and what the group's bandcamp describes as "tropical beats".  The entire album has a irresistible quirkiness that is offset by a shrewd pop sensibility.  The result is a record that takes chances yet sounds familiar and easy-going.  A winning combo in my book.  I can already tell this one is a contender for WPOM?'s best of 2014.  Get it here.

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