Wednesday, July 31, 2013

REVIEW: The Nugs - Chiller High Life 7" (White House)

Newcastle, Australia's The Nugs aren't the only band in the world that enjoys smoking weed, however they're amongst the few who express their love of the cronic with such succinct, hooky and edgy garage punk.  Its a passion that they've spun into a sort of tongue-in-cheek schtick...but one I also think they genuinely subscribe to...or maybe "self-prescribe" too?  I don't think the EP is still available on vinyl, but you can pick up a digital copy here.

REVIEW: GLUE - Demo 2012 (self-released)

We don't cover too much purely hardcore punk, but when we do its for good reasons.  Austin's GLUE released 6 songs last year on bandcamp as a "demo".  Well...all I can say is that I hope the production value doesn't change too much for their first "release" cause these recordings sound incredible.  Go ahead...close your eyes and tell me this doesn't sound like '83.  The music itself certainly isn't breaking any new ground, but GLUE has managed to capture the spirit of the early hardcore sound flawlessly....something that is hard to come across these days.  Get it here.

Monday, July 29, 2013

REVIEW: Dead Sexy Sheila - Death Bat Flies Again cassette EP (self-released)

Caught these guys at Lawtonstock- an annual festival that is held in a backyard on Lawton street in Brooklyn.  Dead Sexy Sheila were one of a handful of bands on the bill, but to my ears/eyes they really stood out...not only for their sound but their fierce on-stage attitude.  These guys bring together a lot of different influences- garage, punk, surf, psych- what's left is music that is bombastic, melodic, sometimes silly, sometimes dark and above all fun.  Rock n' roll for the post-post-post-post-post generation.  Get it here.

REVIEW: CA$H4GOLD - HOW MANY TIMES? (self-released)

By Steve Wichelecki

The latest project from Kenny Alden (Todayshits, Magic Milk) CA$H4GOLD is sunny, hazy and lazy; it is the sound of getting high on a hot summer Saturday. Alden's voice calms and soothes, rising up from rhythmic guitar and the fat low end of that '60s bass guitar sound. While about half of the CA$H4GOLD ditties thus far have been written by James Swanberg (Today's Hits), all of the material is ostensibly sang, played and recorded by Alden. The project has a smattering of songs, complemented by Goons' artwork, on their Bandcamp page.  Get it here.

Monday, July 15, 2013

REVIEW: The Future Primitives - Songs We Taught Ourselves (Casbah)

The Future Primitives latest is an offering of 13 trashy covers of old garage, psych, surf and punk jams.  The album includes songs by The Milkshakes, Link Wray, The Primitives and The Mummies amongst others.  The recordings themselves are interesting, ballsy and undoubtedly lo-fi.  I think they've managed to blow the dust of a good number of these classics and present them in a new light.  If nothing else it'll give you some insight into where these dudes' heads are at head agrees.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Un Mondo di Canzonette - OndaDrops Vol.8 (Ganzonette)

There's a brand-new comp from Italy's Ganzonette Records.  It features 20 tracks from some of our favorite bands around the world....including our hometown buddies, The Bingers plus Raw Nerves, Dead Ghosts, Los Vigilantes, Bazooka and Nightmare Boyzzz and a bunch more.  The dudes at Ganzonette definitely "get it."  Head over to their site and check out the many comps, reviews and interviews they offer up for all us garage punkers.  As for this latest comp, I think they put it best...."Make yourself a C-60 cassette, put it on your car radio and play it loud!"  Get it here.

Monday, July 8, 2013

WPOM? EVENT: The Laughing Leaves EVERYDAY EP casette release party + DJzzzz!!!!!!

We're suuuuper stoked for this....  The Laughing Leaves (Geelong, AUS) have barely left our boomboxes since we heard their latest, Everyday EP (previously only available in the States via mail order from thousands of miles away).  They play some of most badass 60s-influenced garage rock that I've heard recently (and I've heard quite a bit recently).  We'll have plenty of tapes available at the event (duh!) so shake yer butt over there and get one (its only like 3 bucks).

Providing entertainment for the evening will be the the very capable Mr. Nathan Johnson (The Yolks, Uh Bones, Randy Records) along with yours truly.  We're stacking the crates to provide both optimal butt movement + head noddage.  Ingestion of liquid refreshments is not required but highly encouraged.

In addition to the The Laughing Leaves tape we'll also have other goodies for sale including a mixtape I made from all of my favorite 60s/70s soul records.  Its called Sped-Up Soul and its exactly what it sounds like.  69% guaranteed to get your next party bumpin'.  Of course the Why Pick On Me Mixtape Vol 1 will also be available.

Nathan will have plenty of awesome Randy Records vinyl as well.

Oh yeah...and we can't forget to mention that our first issue of All Kindsa Girls-A Gentleman's Magazine will be available for 25¢.  It features a steamy array of vintage porn + orginal comics by local artists Joe Schorl and Max Clarke (The Sueves) + an interview with The Laughing Leaves where they tell us once and for all which punk starlet they'd rather fingerbang.  Its fairly high-brow stuff.

and the best part about this event is....

party's rocking from 10pm-4am at The Owl in Logan Square (Chicago)

click here for the FB invite page.

See ya there, dudes!