Saturday, January 18, 2014

DOUBLE WPOM? RELEASE: Why Pick On Me? Mixtape Vol. 2 + Son of a Gun - Take EP

WPOM? - 006 - Why Pick On Me? Mixtape Vol. 2

Oh yeah!  That's right!  We got two brand spankin' new tapes for you bruisers and we're thoroughly stoked!!!  First up we have our latest compilation...Why Pick On Me? Mixtape Vol. 2.  Touting an international line-up of some of the baddest DIY bands around, its a no-brainer (as in it will completely melt your brain).  The tape features tracks from The Yolks (Chicago), The Raw Nerves (New Zealand), ScotDrakula (Australia), Primitive Hearts (Oakland), Slushy (Chicago), Native America (New Orleans), 2 Ton Bug (NYC), Los Cripis (Argentina), Catholic Spray (France), The Sueves (Chicago), The Bingers (Chicago), Vaguess (CA), The Sulphur Lights (Australia), Make Overs (South Africa). Get it here.

WPOM? - 007 - Son of a Gun - Take EP

We're proud to offer up yet another release by one of our favorite Chicago bands....Son of a Gun!  The first tape we put out was basically just Garrett playing and recording everything (which was freakin' sweet), but this latest EP is cool cuz it features a full band with Sammy and Chris helping out on the rhythm section.  These tunes are ferocious and damn catchy so you better snatch one up before this limited edition sells out.  Get it here.


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