Sunday, March 31, 2013


From the sounds of 'People Are Afraid' this recording captures the raw, rippin' energy of an OBN III's live show.  The guitar tone come through slightly dulled, but full of tube driven tone.  Whoever engineered this did a great job of making this sound like a basement show while still delivering a very "listenable" recording.  The song itself is hilarious.  Singer Orville doesn't understand "this fear of fucking in the streets."  Nor do I...aside from the inevitable rampant spread of VD.  Get it on May 28th through 12XU Records.

REVIEW: The Sleaze - S/T 12" (Total Punk/Florida's Dying)

Minneapolis' own, The Sleaze, the band that brought you the classic 'Smokin' Fuckin' Cigs,' will release their latest 12" on Total Punk Records (Florida's Dying) April 12th.  If it sounds anything like this track its bound to be everything a punk record should be.  'Conor Start' is dirty as fuck.  The guitar tone sounds like it was chewed, swallowed and then thrown up into a dumpster.  Its still tuneful, Buzzcocksian even, and full of punk rock fury.  Get it here.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

REISSUE: King Tuff - Was Dead (Burger)


Long a sought after collectors item amongst vinyl-loving garage rockers, King Tuff's Was Dead is being re-released by Burger Records on April 30th to much fanfare. This album can chalk itself up as being one of the most influential in lo fi rock since its 2008 release. Power pop jams like “Just Strut” and “Dancing on You” make the head bob and the foot tap to lightly fuzzed guitar, cracked vocals and kickass fills. “Stone Fox” is a number with a brilliant arrangement that evokes early 70’s bands like Television or The Velvet Underground. “Connection” backs up the fuzz with organ, its simple chord progression staying in the listener’s head for days. This LP is the kind of recording bands try to emulate these days - made on the cheap, not glossy, not overproduced and simple.
The album overall is a enthusiastic ode to smoking cigs, hitting the streets, talking girls at a bar (without success), summer crushes and other pastimes of the musically inclined. When I hear it, my first inclination is to grab a PBR, pick up the acoustic and write a song in my backyard. Cheers to Burger for re-releasing this masterpiece. Get it here.

NEW VIDEO: Feelings - Fun With Mantras (Urinal Cake)

Detroit's Feelings just released a new video for 'Fun With Mantras,' a new 7" out on Urinal Cake Records.  This track's a cool bouncy surf punk jam that deals with rejection the way so many great garage rock songs do: put succinctly, "You don't like me?.. Well fuck you.". At least that's the vibe I get.  The video features the band intentionally playing out of sync with the track in a room full of fog. There's also some creepy shots of a chubby kid with an over-sized old man mask on his head.  Weird wild stuff.  Get the 7" here.

Friday, March 29, 2013


Champions of the 2-4 chord stomper, Greece's BAZOOKA are on the assault on their forthcoming release due out on Slovenly Recordings this May.  This band sounds like a Japanese monster demolishing a modern city to smithereens with fire breathe and laser eyes.  There's a handful of tracks to sample on the label's bandcamp and each one is a brain-melting fist full of trashy psych-garage goodness.  Pre-order it here.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

REVIEW: Jensen Serf Company - Electric Sister 7" (Daddy Kool Records, Jensen Serf Company & Loose Recordings)

There's not too much surfing in St. Petersburg, FL...I know...I lived there for a little bit.  Most surfers on the west coast of Florida have to drive way the fuck across the state to catch some decent waves.  But, apparently there's still great surf-inspired music on the gulf-side, as evidenced by Jensen Serf Company.  Actually, its not nearly as surfy or hokey (sorry, guys) as the name might lead you to believe.  This is some brain-splitting rock n' roll and each of the three tracks on this EP showcase how versatile this band actually is.  Ok...yes...there is a lot of spring reverb and some early-rock-instrumental-inspired arrangements, but this band is far from being the one-trick-pony that so many "surf bands" are.  There's plenty of fuzz, feedback loops, creative song structure, weird breaks and vessel-popping screams to keep the listener interested throughout.  Get it here.

OLD SHIT: The Who - My Generation LP (Virgin)

I know, I know...It's not like anyone on earth doesn't know who this band is or heard this album's two hits ('My Generation' and 'The Kids Are Alright') a million fucking times (thanks, Clearchannel), but trust me this LP is worth a thorough checking out (or revisiting).  The Who's My Generation is a nearly perfect album (aside from Roger Daltrey's somewhat embarrassing impersonation a black man on Muddy Waters' 'I'm a Man') and the best the band ever sounded on record.  Keith Moon's genius especially shines through as he basically reinvents the drums for 12 straight tracks culminating in 'The Ox'- a 4-minute instrumental scorcher.  Fuck Tommy or (god help us) Quadraphenia...THIS is The Who and you can carve that into my headstone for all eternity to witness.  Don't believe me?  Check it, bitches...

Monday, March 25, 2013

REVIEW: BIG COLOUR - I Hope No One Wants To Sleep with Me Tonight 7" [Notes & Bolts]

Notes & Bolts, the blog/podcast/record label down the street has come up on some unique equipment and has begun one of the most grooviest series' of seven inches you'll find in Chicago.  From their website:

"Lathe cuts are short run vinyl records that are cut in real time one by one - these are not factory produced records ala larger pressing plants."

We just ordered one of these super custom beauties:  BIGCOLOUR's new banger, I Hope No One Wants To Sleep with Me Tonight is a jangly ode to whiskey dick (i think).  Echoey vocals coat the track that thumps through a night of excess.  The riff is great and I was wondering when I would see this track again since we heard it at the Dust Bowl.

Pick up the single! (hurry up, only 100 will be cut)

Friday, March 22, 2013

GOOD TIMES: TONIGHT! Uh Bones Record Release feat. The YOLKS, Tweens

Hey Kids, dust off you shitty denim jackets and don't fucking shower because after this blog's 100th post (booya), we're getting drunker than teenagers and heading over to Cole's.  You might think that this is typical friday night behavior and maybe you're right, but the musical samplings tonight are of particular radness.  My WPOM co-founder and shaved wookie, Joe will be drumming on a broken rib for Uh Bones <- cop their shit here if you can't make it out.  Thee Yolks are a pillar of the scene here in Chicago and I for one am a little chubbed up to check out Tweens for the first time. 

NEW VIDEO: Magic Milk - Black Rolls Royce

Our Homies, Magic Milk have taken a lot of stills.  Live their life through this video, try to spot yourself.  Buy their new tape!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


If you enjoy getting your face melted off with rock then this is a show you need to be at.  Lantern (PA) are in town (I've offed a little sample below).  But seriously, all these bands fucking kick-ass so you should totally be there.  Here's the Facebutt event page.






NEW VIDEO: Los Cripis - Mountain

I just did a write-up of their last cassette so I won't bore you with any more of my tedious words.  Suffice it to say, this is a cool-ass video by a cool-ass band.  Buy some shit here.

REVIEW: Pissed Jeans - Honeys (Sub Pop)

by Steve Wichelecki

The adolescent sound of '80s hardcore punk comes of age in Pissed Jeans' Honeys, transformed from raw and uncouth teenage aggression to tight and sophisticated hard-n-heavy rock. The group's latest LP on Sub Pop features dark and buzzy guitar hooks, heavy-as-fuck bass lines and sneering vocals yelled in despair. Sometimes sludgy with a heavy groove, sometimes ballistic and hysterical, Honeys represents a mature chronicle of our modern world's myriad founts of discontent, our sources of daily frustration, pain and anger. Be sure to blow off some steam to these pissed-off tunes on Thursday, April 18, at Empty Bottle, when Pissed Jeans will rip it up along with locals Fake Limbs and Blizzard Babies.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

REVIEW: Los Cripis - FAT cassette (Fariscal)

Our Argentine friend, Esteban Giannone of El Sur, was kind enough to send us a few of his picks from the region.  One of those was Los Cripis.  Their latest release, FAT (available on Fariscal Records), is minimal, experimental and exploding with trashy pop appeal.  These short tunes surprise the listener at every turn as the band fearlessly rearranges their three-piece (guitar-guitar-drums) set-up however they see fit- employing, at times, hard-panned acoustic guitars, keyboard drums, tape machine vari-speed and over-driven vocals.  Their vocalist, Josi Osbourne, sings in English in an accent.  This 11-track release had me captivated right down to the last track, 'Ghettoblaster'- a fun-yet-chilling throw-back to 80s urban-ism.  This tape ought to be distro-ed in The States.  If I had a few grand to spend on getting it released I certainly would.  Until that happens you can get it here.

Monday, March 18, 2013

REVIEW: Teens s/t EP (self-released)

With one foot planted heavily in the garage rock sound of the 60s and the other in the echo-drenched-punk-psych tendencies of our current day, Teens' debut EP is both exciting, nostalgic and loud as fuck. All the tunes are artfully crafted and they prove to be equally skilled at the art of home recording as well (a necessary prerequisite as far as this blog is concerned) with many of the tracks devolving into feedback loops, amp noise or screaming. This release is already 2 years old, but I'm sure we'll see something else from these Boise boys soon. They appear to be fairly active on the circuit so check'em out if they come to a hovel near you.  They'll be at Treefort Music Fest on 3/24 in Boise, ID with tons of other great acts. Get the EP here.

REVIEW: Top Surprise - Klouds EP (Pug)

Killer noise-pop out of Brazil.  Top Surprise make catchy, fuzzy pop music that bounces back an forth between quirky/fun shit and tough-as-balls sonic assaults.  Klouds barks and squeals as the band pounds away underneath tastefully crooned vocals.  Another example of a great band that don't sound like they're taking themselves too seriously.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Prince Moondog - Green Walls b/w Telephone Song (self-released)

This one came my way via The Styrofoam Drone- check it out....they've always got some hot n' fresh jams.  Case in point: Prince Moondog's debut from October of last year.  This Bloomington, IN band sounds like small town boredom mixed with youthful rock n' roll hunger.  'Green walls' is a boppy garage rock tune with a dash of psychedelia.  'Telephone Song' sounds like the dog days of summer.  Both tracks have a great production sound- full of jangle, fuzz, partially-blown-out drums (love this drummer's playing, btw) and tuneful melodies.  Hopefully, I'll be able to catch these guys the next time they swing through Chicago.  Get it here.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


The latest from Steve Swanberg's label, Tripp Tapes.  HYPERBRIGHTER is a collection minute-and-a-half-long, melodic, where-have-I-heard-that-before tunes that deal mostly with getting/not getting girls.  The arrangements are sparse and are given character through clever lo-fi recording techniques.  HYPERBRIGHT cuts the fat and serves you the song raw and god intended.  Pick up a handmade cassette for $6.66 here.

REVIEW: Slushy - All The Rad Dudes (Manic Static)

by Steve Wichelecki

Chicago's lo-fi sweethearts, Slushy charms the listener with yummy bubblegum pop, a sunny potpourri of garage, surf and '60s rock. The tunes from this stripped-down duo can best be described as having that take-your-best-girl-by-the-hand-and-stroll-down-to-the-ice-cream-parlor-because-it's-Saturday-and-there's-nothing-to-do-but-have-fun sound. Think sunglasses and the beach, record stores and good, cheap food. Think minimal drums keeping time under reverb-laden Fender amps and warm double-tracked vocals. "All The Rad Dudes" is a happy collection of simple songs about simple fun stuff, from having a crush to hanging out with pals and loving The Beatles. See Slushy live Sunday, March 17 at Quenchers with Magic Milk, Options, Cedar Skies and Two Carolines. Get it here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TRACK LEAK: Thee Oh Sees - Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster

by Steve Wichelecki

A hazy trip over mountainous riffs of heavy fuzz and calm streams of dreamy crooning, “Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster” is the latest leaked track from unstoppable, inimitable California rockers Thee Oh Sees.

This track, unlike the previously leaked track from the album, "Minotaur," finds the band happily returned to their weirdo psych-rock element. Both tracks will be available on Thee Oh Sees' upcoming April release, "Floating Coffin."  Get it (soon) here.

REVIEW: Flesh Panthers - Cassette EP (Exxotic Aquatic)

by Steve Wichelecki

The dangerous sound of Chicago's Flesh Panthers lunges like a rattlesnake with the street-tough attitude of raw, wild rock 'n' roll. The revved up mayhem of 'Cassette EP' rolls off the tape reels with fury, four tracks chronicling excess in the areas of booze, dope and general recklessness.Tight lead guitar riffs over a solid foundation of fuzzed-out bass and solid drumming. Tangled in this melee is the dark voice of a buzz-saw rhythm guitar and angsty lyrics. Pick up a copy of Flesh Panther's 'Cassette EP' at its release show, Saturday, March 16, at Burlington with Wet Heat and Pink Torpedo.

PICTURE SHOW: BIGCOLOUR, Peekaboos, She Speaks In Tongues, Rainbow Gun Show @ SubT 3-17-13

Monday, March 11, 2013

REVIEW: Weird Menace - The Weird Menace EP cassette (Suplex)

Weird Menace haven't released too much to date, but what is available is quality with a capitol Q.  On their latest release, The Weird Menace EP, the guitar tone reaches right out the speakers and grabs your ears by the ear balls.  Their young female singer's petit voice seems almost trapped in a wall of fuzz, angular guitar riffs and plucked  bass lines. The overall effect is as haunting as it is playful.  The songs are full of great hooks and everything is impeccably recorded and performed.  Look out for these Brits...they's good.  Get it here.

NEW VIDEO (sort of): Bleeding Rainbow - Pink Ruff

Bleeding Rainbow's super simple/cool video is comprised stylized shots of the bands faces close up.  Singer Sarah Everton's hair waves gently in the breeze as she sings into the camera inside some sort of dark space.  The imagery of the video accurately reflects the sound of the track which is likewise dark and breezy.  The lyrics are soaked-through with lonely, introspective emotion as the band propels everything forward on a wave of shoegazer energy.  Its on their new LP Yeah Right- available on Kanine Records.  Get it here.

OLD SHIT: THEE HYPNOTICS - Point Blank Mystery / Shakedown Live @ Evolution Club 4-27-1991

Stoogesesque, bluesy, psyched-out shit from the 90s.  That's Jim Jones on lead vocals who been busy with his band The Jim Jones Revue lately.  I've got to give credit to Antonne Newcombe for retweeting this nugget.  Damn, that's some good-ass rock n' roll.

REVIEW: Outer Minds - Behind The Mirror (Resurrection)

Local psychedelic darlings, Outer Minds released their Behind The Mirror LP in October of last year.  And even though its taken me waaaay too long to finally check it out...I'm extremely glad I did.  The album is a bubbling cauldron of jangly guitars, 60s organ tones, group vocals, mind-altered imagery and well-crafted songs.  Its frickin' solid, brah.  Also, they're one of the best live bands in Chicago ta'boot.  You can pick up this release on Resurrection Records.

REVIEW: Magic Milk S/T (Jeffery Drag)

Kenny, the pantsless wonder, and his merry band of misfits are at it again.  Magic Milk's got a fresh tape out on Jeffery Drag Records and it kicks a fat ass.  With each release M.M. are putting more and more of the raw energy of their live shows into the recordings and this latest is their rawest yet.  Here they offer up 15 tracks worth of their brand of off-kilter, driving garage rock.  Get the tape here.

REVIEW: The Real Tom Hanks - Live on WUML Fallout Shelter (self-released)

I'd be lying if I didn't say that I've got a soft spot for any band from Lowell, MA (I did a brief stint at UMass there back in the day).  The Real Tom Hanks play funky, punky surf music that is as gritty and strange as the town they hail from.  Get it here.

Friday, March 8, 2013

REVIEW: Strychnine - A Terrible Way to Go - EP

Author: Steve Wichelecki

With influences ranging from blues to punk to classic rock, Strychnine's "A Terrible Way to Go" EP winds and creeps its way along a strange black sonic spiral of tempo switchups and wild, fuzzed-out wah wah noise. Bouncing warm bass lines and shimmery guitar riffs are counterposed by snotty vocals and raw solos that glisten with razor-sharp feedback. Lyrics sung in French drive home the record's seemingly pervasive theme of general malaise and existential despair. This record makes me want to smoke a cigarette, drink a cup of coffee and read my copy of 'Nausea.' Catch this Chicago trio tonight at Empty Bottle as they headline The Burger Records Showcase. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

REVIEW: ¡Vamos! - Heatwave

¡Vamos! will, like so many bands, be joining the great migration down to Austin, TX for that big music thing that happens down there.  Fortunately, the boys have left us a parting gift: two catchy-ass rock n' roll recordings.  These guys are a mainstay around here and this latest release from them has us really impressed over here.  Both 'Friends On Fire' and 'You Got The Look' are "in-the-red," but not too much as each track booms into a cavernous aural landscape.  I have have personally shaked my buttocks to each one of these live so I can attest to their twerkability.  Go get these songs here.  Then see'em on their way to Austin.  Nooge.
3/9 - Peoria @ 2503 W. Heading Ave, West Peoria, IL 61604 W/Massive Ego

3/10 Indianapolis @ skull manor w/thunders and massive ego

3/12 Memphis @ Takos treasures w/ a fuck load of bands
See More

REVIEW: Dumpster Babies - S/T LP (Tall Pat)

by Steve Wichelecki

Alcohol-fueled rock 'n' roll celebrating girls, heartbreak and being poor, Dumpster Babies' S/T LP comprises a collection of the group's finest numbers, an offering that would surely please the frat boys from 'Animal House' as well as anyone who even remotely likes The Ramones.

Recorded by Anthony Cozzi of Radar Eyes fame, this 11-track album represents the Chicago group's first official release as well as the inaugural release of Windy City label Tall Pat Records.

The songs are simple, fun and sloppy, up-tempo jams that make you want to swill beer, chase skirts and rock out. Reverb-soaked vocals float above a dirty Fender guitar sound that jangles along with bouncy bass lines and percussion that includes a bit of the ol' tambourine and hand clapping.

Party with the Dumpster Babies at the album's release/listening party, Wednesday, March 27, at Smallbar. Pre-order the album from Tall Pat Records here.

REVIEW: The Shivas - Whiteout (burger duhhhh)

Portland's finest surf nerds, The Shivas are delivering up the goods on the forthcoming Whiteout.  Swingin rhythms are coated with floating guitars and radical harmonies to make a genetically west coast sound that seems to come natural to the Shivas.  Some catchy jams on this release.  Burger Records, you have done it again.  I should have known after I listened to the first song that this smelled of your greasy, ketchupy, summery aptitude for bangin' psych surf.  GET IT (preorder).

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

REVIEW: Colleen Green - Heavy Shit (from forthcoming LP "Sock It To Me" on Hardly Art)

'Heavy Shit' isn't all that heavy, but it zips along at a nice clip by the force of its buzzy guitar/bass tone and speedy drum machine track.  Colleen's voice hovers above the noise with her signature sultriness.  Rrrrrwooww! [sound a cat makes].  Get the new LP soon on Hardly Art here.

REVIEW: Today's Hits - Songs For The Newly Sexual EP (tripp tapes)

More from Chicago's mysterious/prolific Today's Hits.  The band offers up some sound relationship advice on this release: get her jealous by fucking around, stay mysterious to keep her interested, bad girls are the one you love most and sometimes its best just get high.  Timeless wisdom in the form of home made garage rock gems.  Get it here.

p.s. thanks for the desktop pic

REVIEW: Shockwave Riderz 12" EP (riderz usa 2013)

Shockwave Riderz make music that's dirty and majestic at the same time.  Trashy, mutated sounds float along a river of interstellar echo as their hooky/riffy tunes keeping the music moving.  Sometimes surfy, sometimes new-wavey, sometimes punky, sometimes industrial...there's lots of influences here that make for an interesting listen.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Exhaustion - Future Eaters LP (Aarght)

Future Eaters, the new LP from Exhaustion chugs along like an old locomotive: there's metal scraping, wheels squealing, steam-whistles shrieking and I'm pretty sure they've got a smoking car.  Its shadowy, noisy post-punk music for the 'oh-shit-we-fucked-up' generation.  Get the vinyl from Aarght records here.

REVIEW: Shannon and The Clams - Rip Van Winkle (Hardly Art)

Here's something I catch myself saying all the time..."Hey, did you hear about this new Shannon and the Clams record?  Its really good."  Fortunately,  I'm sayin' it again.  This one'll have yer bobby socks all in a knot.  From their forthcoming LP, Dreams in the Rathouse (Hardly Art).

Monday, March 4, 2013

REVIEW: D Watusi - Dark Party (Nashville's Dead)

So I guess we slept through the party when this one got released a few months back but recent tragedy has brought D Watusi back into newsfeeds and tweets so why not take this opportunity to talk about some rad music from Music City, USA.

This full length rips and whirls its way from bouncy pop tunes like Judy's Got a Name & Danny Kokomo to dizzying fuzz-fest garage thrasher Little Heller.  I definitely have a bruise on my ass from falling over in the shower due to the pogoing, head banging reactions that the song demanded from me (I should probably chill out my playlists while my peen is exposed).  There is a nice arch to the tracklist here and the recording sounds tremendous.  listen here. Buy it here!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

GOOD TIMES GONE: Pink Torpedo/Grandeurs/Wild Oats @ Cole's 3-1-13

Pink Torpedo
Friday nights at Cole's...a time-honored, Logan Square tradition.  Always free, sometimes epic and usually debaucherous.  On with the show!

A three-piece (guitar, drums, trumpet), called Wild Oats opened the show.  Their sparse arrangements feature lots of spanish/gypsy motifs.  Desert-surf guitar tone, spastic drum beats, growling trumpet and etherial, analog-synth pads make for a sound you don't often hear at a rock n' roll show, but I look forward to hearing more in the future.

Grandeurs took the stage next with a unique, low-key 'baritone' sound.  Their music has a haunting, intimate quality that's held together by the band's impeccable musicianship.  While most of their set was comprised of slower, mid-tempo numbers, the band demonstrated their punk-rock roots on their last song...a cover? I should have asked someone...but its was a super fast, minute-long hard core jam.  A great end to the set.

Pink Torpedo wrapped it up with a short set of Stooges-esque scorchers.  P.T. are dedicated torch-bears of the early 70s proto-punk sound.  Frontman (and WPOM contributer), Steve's got moves like jagger and Bill on lead-guitar has a killer, 'razor's edge' guitar tone.  People were thrashing around and bumping into one another the entire time.  They wrapped it up after about 20 minutes which elicited a boisterous response from the audience.  For whatever reason the band decided to defend themselves over the P.A. which only invited more shouting from the beer-drenched crowd.  A hilarious end to a great set.

Friday, March 1, 2013

OLD SHIT: R. Stevie - I Missed July

Considered by some to be The Godfather of Home Recording, R. Stevie makes weird, off-kilter pop songs that have an indescribable appeal.  Sweaters and Pearls have reissued a couple tracks that were, apparently, hand-picked by the artist himself.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Meat Wave S/T

by Steve Wichelecki

Let's get one thing straight: Meat Wave is not what you'd call a "hipster friendly" band, which could be the bane of a mediocre band's existence or, in Meat Wave's case, the defining quality of a great one.

With a signature post-punk sound that hits you more like a wrecking crew than a three-piece rock group, Meat Wave has been pummeling through the Chicago circuit for the better part of a year, garnering more than modest acclaim in that relatively short timespan.

When I first heard Meat Wave, one word came to mind immediately: Power. The thundering power produced by this trio picks you up and crushes you into the ground with all the g-force of a rocket launch. A heavy, pounding rhythm section cleaves a path for vocals hurled with a sneer onto supersonic guitar riffs.

The result is exciting music that is both fun and loaded with desperation, a sound that bounces along energetically while hammering the listener with pathos. Again, powerful, dare I even say epic?

See Meat Wave live Tuesday, March 5, at Ace Bar.

SHIT TALKIN' by Potty Mouth: The Sueves, Uh Bones, Yéyés @ LOKAL 2-27-13

The Sueves
photo by Adrien De Martini
aww ya, school night. So I walk in and immediately elbow Kenny's (Magic Milk) beer to the ground. Smashing his glass, I'm off to a great start.

first up, Yéyés hit the stage and pump out some new tunes and i rock out like i know every damn song. Then frenchy (Laure Elie) sings 'these boots were made for walking' and i loose my shit. I want these sexy ass motherfuckers to be the opener to every show.

Uh Bones hits the stage and that stud muffin Luke Trimble starts singing like he's dedicating every song to the hottest chick in the room but BACK OFF ladies he's taken! They make me scream the lyrics like I know every fucking word. Then that crazy ass Joe, (who, by the way, sat in with Yéyés and played the night before with Rainbow Gun Show) belts out a new song while jammin' out on the drums- an impressive dude. their sound was rounded out by Nick's deep bass and Nathan's soulful organ.

Then The [fucking] Sueves hit the stage and i swear we're going to start a pit but calm the hell down, its still a SCHOOL NIGHT. last call at 2am and i give Adrien (it was his going away party) a love hug and a wet willly and bid him adieu. 

oh, and i almost forget to mention DJ PsychedAlex who was spinning the rockingest 60s psych beats...he had me dancing in the bathroom alone.  oh my god I'm so hung over

good luck Adrien!

-potty mouth

photo by Adrien De Martini