Saturday, December 20, 2014

REVIEW: Mr. Gold - Little King Trashmouth (self-released)

In 2007 a lawsuit was filed against Rock Hill, South Carolina to put a stop to its rural landfill. (Wikipedia)  I'm happy to report that in 2014 Rock Hill can still lay claim to epic trash.  Little King Trashmouth, the latest self-released EP from garage-punkers Mr. Gold, is a testament to the art of rock n' roll garbage.  Its loose, its fast, its trash-fucking-tastic.  The guitar tones really rip on this record echoing the reckless approach of early Ron Asheton and compliment the band's give-no-fucks vocal delivery perfectly.  In short, this is another one for the rock n' roll trash heap (coming from us that's a huge compliment).  Get it here.

REVIEW: Fuck Knights - "Court Date" b/w "Two Kings" (H-Records)

I caught Fuck Knights's set a couple weeks ago opening for Flesh Panthers at Cole's Bar and was impressed by their energy, sound and attitude.  To be completely honest, I was sort of surprised the audience didn't get more into it.  Okay...maybe that's cuz it was mid-show and everyone may not have been drunk enough yet, but I still wish this band would've received a little more love from the typically rambunctious Chicago crowd...whatevs I still had fun.  As for band's recorded output I can only say that I was not surprised that it was be as good as it is.  Every bit of what I witnessed on stage translates to the records via clipping channels, amusing studio chatter and even Sonics-esque saxophone.  This 7" single is fucking delightful in all regards.  And hey...Chicago's own Mac Blackout did the cover art.  Get it here.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

OLD SHIT: Joy Division - An Ideal For Living EP (Enigma)

I've been wanting to write something about this record for some time now.  It is of great interest to me for a few reasons: 1) Its the group's debut record as "Joy Division" 2) it's fucking reeeeally good and 3) When I first heard it I couldn't believe it was Joy Division.  I've always enjoyed the band's later post-punk work.  They are of course one of the pioneers of the sound that emerged after the first wave of punk bands with their unique brand of angular-disengaged-melancholic-alienation-rock that became a template for countless numbers of groups that followed them and made them the demi-gods of the gloomy and disenfranchised youth of the world.  What I never knew, however, was how much this band fucking rocked in their early inception.  Many of you are probably like, "uh...duh, man."  Call me dumb, but at first hearing this completely floored me and framed the band in a different light in my mind.  Every track on this EP is nothing short of brilliant.  Its as raw and powerful as anything else that came out of that period and while its not the sound that they are rightly famous for its definitely my favorite of the bands work.  Remove all breakable objects from the room, turn up your hi-fi and loose your mind to this punk masterpiece!

REVIEW: Original Artyfacts - Lovely digital EP (self-released)

Here's some bubbly, surfy, party garage-pop from Buenos Aires.  Original Artyfacts (who borrow their namesake from the famous Nuggets compilation) are right in line with many of the American purveyors of the garage genre, but, not surprisingly, lean towards a sixties aesthetic in sound and song structure complete with melodious vocals, middle eights, twanging guitars and hand-clapping rhythms.  The opening track has an especially Beatles-esque feel.  These three songs present a very well-formed-albeit-familiar concept and the songwriting is strong and "cheeky" in all the right ways.  Nice work, lads!  Get it here.

MUSIC VIDEO: Skategang - 'Peplum' from Freya Police LP (Requiem Pour Un Twister, Gone With The Weed)

One of the latest arrivals to the WPOM? inbox is a delightfully lo-fi video from Paris toughies, Skategang.  This track is just one of the great tunes offered up on the band's upcoming LP due out on one of our favorite French labels, Requiem Pour Un Twister (and Gone With The Weed as well).  "Peplum" is full throttle, tuneful rock n' roll that demonstrates punk energy with elements of glam and power pop that give it a sugary-sweet hook-ability.  The video is pretty hilarious as well.  Get the LP here or here.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

REVIEW: Monster Compilation Vol. 1 (Dumpster Tapes)

The much anticipated upcoming compilation from Chicago's Dumpster Tapes will feature 25 bands from Chicago's garage-punk scene and from the sounds of what they've leaked so far on their bandcamp page its shaping up to be a truly "monster" comp indeed.  Take it from someone who knows Chicago...this tape will showcase nearly all of the heavy-hitters of the city's ever-growing-ever-incestuous underground rock n' roll scene...many of which we've released on our label as well: Son of a Gun, Slushy, Spike and the Sweet Spots, Thee Yolks, Uh Bones, American Breakfast, Hollow Mountain, The Bingers, The Liqs, The Rubs, Gross Pointe, Flesh Panthers, The Morons, MAMA, Swimsuit Addition, Thunders, The Muzzlers, Mac Blackout, The Sueves, Jollys, Strawberry Jacuzzi, Blizzard Babies, Bleach Party, SPACE WASTE and Paul Cherry.

Don't miss your chance to pick up this landmark compilation.  It's due to be released in late December/early January.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Games - 'Little Elise' b/w 'About Me' (Hozac)

If you think that covering a Dovers song will get you an automatic review on WPOM? than you can go ahead and congratulate yourself on knowing exactly what the fuck you're talking about.  Especially if its as good as this!  "About Me" is the B-side to NYC's Games latest on Hozac Records.  Both sides deliver power pop that sounds straight out of the first wave era.  Think Milk n' Cookies, Shoes or more recently Bare Wires.  I can't get enough of this record.  Wowza!  Get it here.

NEW VIDEO: Evil Waves - Tejas Sleeper

As their name and the imagery in this stock-footage-laden video would suggest, Evil Waves play some pretty wicked surf music.  And by "surf" I mean in the original sense of the word...  Influences of Link Wray and the other godfathers of the genre can be heard on this track.  Its pretty gnarly stuff.  Clean the sand out of your vagina and pick up their latest EP here.

p.s.  These dudes are new to Chicago so if you're in a band and you dig this stuff get in touch with the band and help them get one some sick bills.  Dude's name is Eric...