Thursday, November 20, 2014

REVIEW: Jensen Serf Company - Triple Freaks A Beach 12" (self-released)

One of our favorite Florida bands, Jensen Serf Company, have self-released this sweet collection of their early recordings.  And I'm not gonna lie...its pretty impressive.  Each track bleeds green with driving fuzz combining surf, garage and punk styles as per the fashion of the time.  This band apparently has a great depth of material cuz there aren't many chinks in the proverbial rock n' roll armor here.  And the recordings are mixed and mastered impeccably.  The only down side is that its $17, but I think its well worth it and you can rest easy knowing that every penny of it goes directly to the band through their bigcartel page.  Get it here.

REVIEW: Hot & Cold / skip skip ben ben - split 7" (Gary)

After another long hiatus WPOM? is back [pause for audience response]...I figured it would be appropriate to start up again with a local release and whaddya know?..Gary Records has another fantastic international split 7" to fit the bill.  The A-side kicks off with some trashy cheese from Toronto/Bejing outfit Hot & Cold.  Complete with keyboard drums, wonky tone bending and lackadaisical vocals these two tracks are catchy-yet-purposefully-understated.  The B-side is a sparse, echo-laden offering from Taipei's skip skip ben ben.  A small female voice pierces the murky aural landscape of these two tracks like the cricket from "A Cricket In Times Square" (yes I did).  The last track is particularly haunting and will surely tug on your heart strings with its elegant frailty.  Get both sides here.