Saturday, January 11, 2014

OLD SHIT: TONETTA (Black Tent Press)

The existence of this amazing artist came to my attention today via a facebook post from Florida's Dying/Total Punk's Rich Aroma.  TONETTA (aka Tony Jeffrey) is 63-year old Canadian man that makes some of the most amazing "homemade music" that I've ever heard.  His lo-fi sound is achieved via fuzzy guitars, synths, drum machines, his unique form of Gainsbourg-esque crooning and it's all wrapped up in a blown-out, analog bow.  His video's are delightfully low budget and usually feature the elderly Canuck dancing provocatively, brandishing a guitar, wearing stocking on his head  or little else except bikini underwear.  Its the sort of music/visuals that Hunx wishes he could create.  I usually steer clear of the electropop on WPOM? but I made a special exception in TONETTA's case.  These recordings are nothing short of incredible.  The song-writing, the sound, the 100% genuineness with which it is delivered...this dude is the real deal.  Get his whole catalog (at least what's left of it) from Black Tent Press here.

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