Monday, April 1, 2013

REVIEW: The Resonars - Crummy Desert Sound (Burger)

While The Resonars latest LP is a bit of misnomer- sorry, no desert-psych concept album here- it definitely finds them putting on a slightly different hat.  On, Crummy Desert Sound, the band has turned up the volume and the production value (if only slightly).  Every track blasts out the band's signature power pop vocal harmonies and sugary sweet hooks.  And while their 1998 release, Bright and Dark (Burger), borrowed heavily from the Byrds toolkit, their latest sounds more like The Who at their most bombastic.  Drummer James Peters must've been sweatin' his balls off after these sessions cuz every track is a veritable fury of percussion.  Its a fury of bunch of other shit as well.  Long story short, these dudes are pros.  Get it (on Burger Records) here.

(P.S. I think this was a leaked track so I hope the band doesn't mind I used it)


  1. Good dig!
    Just a little note - Bright and Dark isn't the last LP, it's from 1998 (there's been Lunar Kit, Nonetheless Blue and That Evil Drone since).