Monday, April 29, 2013

REVIEW: Cum Stain - The Challenger Disaster (A Love Story) b/w Rollin' Wrong 7" (Slop Bop)

On their latest 7" release Oakland's Cum Stain are doing what Oakland does best (rock n' roll a la bubblegum), but they're doing it their way- dirty...reeeeal dirty...even by their standards. Both sides are an homage to the rock n' roll pop song of yesteryear played intentionally (seemingly) as sloppy and fucked up as possible. It's hard to understand the lyrics through the distortion on the vocals, but the A-side is almost certainly an irreverent tale of the famous space shuttle explosion of the 1980s. Oh, good lord...God bless you, Cum Stain. It's available on Slop Bop Records.

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