Friday, April 26, 2013

REVIEW: The Men - Electric b/w Water Babies 7" (Sacred Bones)

Bored and on the road, I wandered into Earshot Records in Winston-Salem, NC.  It was there that I picked up a couple of choice discs, one of which was The Men's Electric b/w Water Babies 7" on NYC's Sacred Bones label.  This record provides two more reasons why this band deserves the hype they've been getting as of late.  Both sides are fuzzy garage-punk blasters that brim over with kinetic energy and 90s-style loser aesthetic.  If this band hasn't been featured in some skate videos yet they should be- they're music is fun and hard while not assuming too much macho energy.  I also appreciate the honest, bare bones approach to the recordings.  Simply put, this record kicks a fat ass.  Get it here.

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