Sunday, April 28, 2013

REVIEW: Ex-Cult - M.P.D. b/w No Fun On The Beaches (Goner)

Alright!  Some good ole' fashoned punk fury.  Ex-Cult's 3rd single (out on Goner Records) is frickin' sweet.  Sounds very British to me even though I know the band is from Memphis.  Their music churns and trudges with each downstroke of their overdriven guitars.  I haven't seen these guys live yet (and I stress "yet"), but I picture mohawks, duct-taped microphones and audience members launching loogies at the stage.  And even if not, the spirit's there.  It was hard for me to tell from the soundcloud page, but this might have been produced by Ty Segall?...if not apparently the LP is.  Get the 7" here.

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