Saturday, April 13, 2013

LIVE IN JOE'S APT: Sonic Angels

OK, folks...this is the first installment of "Live In Joe's Apt." Basically, its exactly how it sounds: I ask bands to come over to my apartment and play a few songs and record the ensuing chaos.  This installment features Montpellier's (France not Vermont) Sonic Angels.  These dudes have been at the game for a while now and they've really refined a unique brand of power pop/punk/garage/psych sound.  They are currently touring the States and don't worry if you missed them at Lokal a couple weeks ago...they'll be back in town next month before they fly back to Frenchland.  Sorry about the lack of song titles...I'll have them up as soon as I figure out what they are (well, except for "Try to Understand/Pushin Too Hard").  Nooge.

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