Tuesday, April 23, 2013

REVIEW: Magic Ian - I'm Having A Problem cassette (Manic Static)

If you're into the garage punk scene in Chicago you've for sure seen Magic Ian (Massive Ego + a bunch of other shite) out and about.  Whether fronting one of his many projects, spinning vinyl at some hipster dive, engineering sound over at Wally's World or just partying Ian is a pervasive force on the Chicago scene.  His latest, released last year on Manic Static, is a great piece of lo-fi-trashed-out-rock-n-roll.  I first heard the tape riding in Brent Zmrhal's (Slushy, Party Bat, Mickey) Buick (a popular spot for checking out great underground tapes...I highly recommend bumming a ride sometime).  The songs are simple yet catchy and the production embodies all of the best qualities of Chicago's thriving underground tape scene.  Its unfortunately out of stock at the moment, but I'm sure Ian has a few copies left.  Ask him about it the next time you bump into him or just check out his soundcloud here.

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