Friday, April 5, 2013

OLD SHIT: Saint Vitus - Born Too Late

by Steve Wichelecki

The ultimate loser rock, Saint Vitus' "Born Too Late" sounds like a bad hangover mixed with flunking out of school, getting dumped and fired all at the same time. Monotonous, thick doom riffs tangle with self-deprecating gloomy lyrics in this classic 1986 SST stoner/doom metal masterpiece. Scott "Wino" Weinrich's lyric "I know I don't belong and there's nothing I can do" off track one, "Born Too Late," sets the despondent tone for this chronicle of outsider life. Substance abuse, public ridicule, mental illness and loneliness are explored in songs marked by dark riffs, great hooks and gnarly winding solos. In 1990, SST re-released "Born Too Late" (this version embedded below) and included bonus tracks in the form of Saint Vitus' followup EP, "Thirsty and Miserable," which features a slow-as-shit doom cover of Black Flag's classic by the same name.

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