Saturday, April 13, 2013

OLD SHIT: Sleep - Dopesmoker

by Steve Wichelecki

Turn your speakers to full blast and prepare for the riff-filled odyssey that is Sleep's "Dopesmoker," an hour-and-three-minute trek through an otherworldly fantasy comprised of Weed-Priests, the Desert Legion Smoke-Covenant and a mysterious and distorted Biblical landscape. The story's bard implores the listener to "Drop out of life with bong in hand" and seek sanctuary in this ultimate stoner escape of heavy-as-fuck riffs and a rhythm section that grooves and pummels with caveman sensibility. A song that sends the earthbound pothead on a fantastic, transcendental journey, "Dopesmoker" envelopes the listener in warm and smokey riffs, monoliths of sound bearing down on his travels with the Stoner Caravan as rolling hills of sand are traversed under the caress of warm desert sunshine.

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