Friday, March 1, 2013

SHIT TALKIN' by Potty Mouth: The Sueves, Uh Bones, Yéyés @ LOKAL 2-27-13

The Sueves
photo by Adrien De Martini
aww ya, school night. So I walk in and immediately elbow Kenny's (Magic Milk) beer to the ground. Smashing his glass, I'm off to a great start.

first up, Yéyés hit the stage and pump out some new tunes and i rock out like i know every damn song. Then frenchy (Laure Elie) sings 'these boots were made for walking' and i loose my shit. I want these sexy ass motherfuckers to be the opener to every show.

Uh Bones hits the stage and that stud muffin Luke Trimble starts singing like he's dedicating every song to the hottest chick in the room but BACK OFF ladies he's taken! They make me scream the lyrics like I know every fucking word. Then that crazy ass Joe, (who, by the way, sat in with Yéyés and played the night before with Rainbow Gun Show) belts out a new song while jammin' out on the drums- an impressive dude. their sound was rounded out by Nick's deep bass and Nathan's soulful organ.

Then The [fucking] Sueves hit the stage and i swear we're going to start a pit but calm the hell down, its still a SCHOOL NIGHT. last call at 2am and i give Adrien (it was his going away party) a love hug and a wet willly and bid him adieu. 

oh, and i almost forget to mention DJ PsychedAlex who was spinning the rockingest 60s psych beats...he had me dancing in the bathroom alone.  oh my god I'm so hung over

good luck Adrien!

-potty mouth

photo by Adrien De Martini

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