Saturday, March 2, 2013

GOOD TIMES GONE: Pink Torpedo/Grandeurs/Wild Oats @ Cole's 3-1-13

Pink Torpedo
Friday nights at Cole's...a time-honored, Logan Square tradition.  Always free, sometimes epic and usually debaucherous.  On with the show!

A three-piece (guitar, drums, trumpet), called Wild Oats opened the show.  Their sparse arrangements feature lots of spanish/gypsy motifs.  Desert-surf guitar tone, spastic drum beats, growling trumpet and etherial, analog-synth pads make for a sound you don't often hear at a rock n' roll show, but I look forward to hearing more in the future.

Grandeurs took the stage next with a unique, low-key 'baritone' sound.  Their music has a haunting, intimate quality that's held together by the band's impeccable musicianship.  While most of their set was comprised of slower, mid-tempo numbers, the band demonstrated their punk-rock roots on their last song...a cover? I should have asked someone...but its was a super fast, minute-long hard core jam.  A great end to the set.

Pink Torpedo wrapped it up with a short set of Stooges-esque scorchers.  P.T. are dedicated torch-bears of the early 70s proto-punk sound.  Frontman (and WPOM contributer), Steve's got moves like jagger and Bill on lead-guitar has a killer, 'razor's edge' guitar tone.  People were thrashing around and bumping into one another the entire time.  They wrapped it up after about 20 minutes which elicited a boisterous response from the audience.  For whatever reason the band decided to defend themselves over the P.A. which only invited more shouting from the beer-drenched crowd.  A hilarious end to a great set.

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