Monday, March 4, 2013

REVIEW: D Watusi - Dark Party (Nashville's Dead)

So I guess we slept through the party when this one got released a few months back but recent tragedy has brought D Watusi back into newsfeeds and tweets so why not take this opportunity to talk about some rad music from Music City, USA.

This full length rips and whirls its way from bouncy pop tunes like Judy's Got a Name & Danny Kokomo to dizzying fuzz-fest garage thrasher Little Heller.  I definitely have a bruise on my ass from falling over in the shower due to the pogoing, head banging reactions that the song demanded from me (I should probably chill out my playlists while my peen is exposed).  There is a nice arch to the tracklist here and the recording sounds tremendous.  listen here. Buy it here!

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