Friday, March 1, 2013

REVIEW: Meat Wave S/T

by Steve Wichelecki

Let's get one thing straight: Meat Wave is not what you'd call a "hipster friendly" band, which could be the bane of a mediocre band's existence or, in Meat Wave's case, the defining quality of a great one.

With a signature post-punk sound that hits you more like a wrecking crew than a three-piece rock group, Meat Wave has been pummeling through the Chicago circuit for the better part of a year, garnering more than modest acclaim in that relatively short timespan.

When I first heard Meat Wave, one word came to mind immediately: Power. The thundering power produced by this trio picks you up and crushes you into the ground with all the g-force of a rocket launch. A heavy, pounding rhythm section cleaves a path for vocals hurled with a sneer onto supersonic guitar riffs.

The result is exciting music that is both fun and loaded with desperation, a sound that bounces along energetically while hammering the listener with pathos. Again, powerful, dare I even say epic?

See Meat Wave live Tuesday, March 5, at Ace Bar.

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