Thursday, March 7, 2013

REVIEW: Dumpster Babies - S/T LP (Tall Pat)

by Steve Wichelecki

Alcohol-fueled rock 'n' roll celebrating girls, heartbreak and being poor, Dumpster Babies' S/T LP comprises a collection of the group's finest numbers, an offering that would surely please the frat boys from 'Animal House' as well as anyone who even remotely likes The Ramones.

Recorded by Anthony Cozzi of Radar Eyes fame, this 11-track album represents the Chicago group's first official release as well as the inaugural release of Windy City label Tall Pat Records.

The songs are simple, fun and sloppy, up-tempo jams that make you want to swill beer, chase skirts and rock out. Reverb-soaked vocals float above a dirty Fender guitar sound that jangles along with bouncy bass lines and percussion that includes a bit of the ol' tambourine and hand clapping.

Party with the Dumpster Babies at the album's release/listening party, Wednesday, March 27, at Smallbar. Pre-order the album from Tall Pat Records here.

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