Saturday, March 30, 2013

REISSUE: King Tuff - Was Dead (Burger)


Long a sought after collectors item amongst vinyl-loving garage rockers, King Tuff's Was Dead is being re-released by Burger Records on April 30th to much fanfare. This album can chalk itself up as being one of the most influential in lo fi rock since its 2008 release. Power pop jams like “Just Strut” and “Dancing on You” make the head bob and the foot tap to lightly fuzzed guitar, cracked vocals and kickass fills. “Stone Fox” is a number with a brilliant arrangement that evokes early 70’s bands like Television or The Velvet Underground. “Connection” backs up the fuzz with organ, its simple chord progression staying in the listener’s head for days. This LP is the kind of recording bands try to emulate these days - made on the cheap, not glossy, not overproduced and simple.
The album overall is a enthusiastic ode to smoking cigs, hitting the streets, talking girls at a bar (without success), summer crushes and other pastimes of the musically inclined. When I hear it, my first inclination is to grab a PBR, pick up the acoustic and write a song in my backyard. Cheers to Burger for re-releasing this masterpiece. Get it here.

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