Thursday, March 28, 2013

REVIEW: Jensen Serf Company - Electric Sister 7" (Daddy Kool Records, Jensen Serf Company & Loose Recordings)

There's not too much surfing in St. Petersburg, FL...I know...I lived there for a little bit.  Most surfers on the west coast of Florida have to drive way the fuck across the state to catch some decent waves.  But, apparently there's still great surf-inspired music on the gulf-side, as evidenced by Jensen Serf Company.  Actually, its not nearly as surfy or hokey (sorry, guys) as the name might lead you to believe.  This is some brain-splitting rock n' roll and each of the three tracks on this EP showcase how versatile this band actually is.  Ok...yes...there is a lot of spring reverb and some early-rock-instrumental-inspired arrangements, but this band is far from being the one-trick-pony that so many "surf bands" are.  There's plenty of fuzz, feedback loops, creative song structure, weird breaks and vessel-popping screams to keep the listener interested throughout.  Get it here.


  1. I have to admit, between the sleeve and name, I might have passed on this until checking out the bandcamp. Silly me.

    1. You know, upon listening to the music the name doesn't bother me at all. I mean, I play in a band called 'Uh Bones' so who am I to say that anyone else's band name is weird.

      Still, when you know a reader might be making the same "judgement" you did, you might as well talk about the elephant in the room and get back to the music.

      Some bands just have a name like that. In actuality, the bands that have the most "clever" names might be slightly more contrived than a band that's in it for the right reasons.

      Sorry for the really long response :?

      But in all seriousness...Who gives a fuck what I think anyways?

  2. It totally makes sense, I don't even want to tell you the band names I have been a part of...maybe this just wasn't weird enough?

    You're right, it's always about the music, a really crazy name should be even MORE suspect...or not at all...I mean Pavement? Boring, guys.


    (Except I DO have a shared google doc of terrible ones I've come across:

    1. hahaha!

      "STDeez Nutz" "pauls to the wall"

      these are all real? If so, that's an impressively bad list of names.

    2. Some are real.... others are potential future bands names when people are looking for suggestions....feel free....