Tuesday, March 19, 2013

REVIEW: Los Cripis - FAT cassette (Fariscal)

Our Argentine friend, Esteban Giannone of El Sur, was kind enough to send us a few of his picks from the region.  One of those was Los Cripis.  Their latest release, FAT (available on Fariscal Records), is minimal, experimental and exploding with trashy pop appeal.  These short tunes surprise the listener at every turn as the band fearlessly rearranges their three-piece (guitar-guitar-drums) set-up however they see fit- employing, at times, hard-panned acoustic guitars, keyboard drums, tape machine vari-speed and over-driven vocals.  Their vocalist, Josi Osbourne, sings in English in an extremely...um...sexy accent.  This 11-track release had me captivated right down to the last track, 'Ghettoblaster'- a fun-yet-chilling throw-back to 80s urban-ism.  This tape ought to be distro-ed in The States.  If I had a few grand to spend on getting it released I certainly would.  Until that happens you can get it here.

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