Thursday, April 9, 2015

REVIEW: Death Valley Girls - 'Summertime' digital single

LA's, Death Valley Girls, is a band that keeps popping up everywhere I turn.  All of my social media's have suggested them and I keep seeing their name on some sweet bills around the country.  Well...I guess this is one of those instances where facebook's creepy algorithms worked in my favor and ended up directing me towards something cool.  DVGs produce a big, reverberated, wall of psychedelic sound.  A band that would play well at Austin Psych Fest (if they haven't already...think Cosmonauts, Night Beats).  Their careening, echo-drenched arrangements are topped off with a wailing female vocal that sounds like it could've fronted a harder-edged b-52s.  Its interesting to hear this kind of voice front a band like this.  Love the name as well.  Get it here.

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