Thursday, April 9, 2015

REVIEW: The Sueves - 'Liquid Hounds' b/w 'Bricks 'N Bones' 7" vinyl (Hozac)

Recently someone said to me, Yeah...ya know...I heard The Sueves play a while back and I was like 'alright this is pretty cool', but then I heard them recently and I was like, 'man...these guys are like the best band in Chicago!'...or something to that affect anyway.  All hyperbole aside, The Sueves are definitely one of the best bands around.  They're performances are high-energy, bordering on frantic and combine calculated tempo fluctuations, percussive guitar riffs, unrelenting backbeats and frayed, angst-ridden vocals....sort of Chuck Berry meets Thee Oh Sees.  Their latest Hozac release will attest to this.  Check out the cool cover art by one of Chicago's best rock n' roll artists (and Sueves frontman) Joe Schorgl.  Get it here.


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