Sunday, March 22, 2015

OLD SHIT: The Excel - Brilliant late 70s Power Pop

According to Bored Teenagers they were originally called X.L. They formed in 1976, split up and then reformed in 1978 as The Excel.  They had a brief stint on Polydor and called it quits in the early 80s.  During their tenure as a band they put out 6 songs (I think) and they're all pretty fantastic.  Its all fast, tight power-pop perfection that's as tough as it is sugary sweet and every bit as good as anything else I've heard from the era (Shoes, The Toms, The Zeros, etc).  Why its taken me this long to hear about this band I'm not sure, but fuuuuck...this shit is rad.  It seems like these discs are pretty difficult to snag, but keep your eyes peeled on discogs and/or ebay and you might get lucky.

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