Friday, April 10, 2015

REVIEW: Soddy Daisy - 'Go! (Twin Visuals Video Shoot)' digital single

I had the pleasure of hearing/seeing Soddy Daisy in action at Dandelion- yet another one of Chicago's amazing DIY spots... I must say, this is a perfect band for a basement bash- on stage they're are a playful cast of young punkers/rockers, focused yet lackadaisical, serious yet DTPTAO (down to party their asses off).  Even while the band's front-woman (co-front-person?) Maureen Neer informed the huddled, subterranean crowd that the band had in fact been drinking "all day long" they were no worse for the wear and played an amazing set right at the apex of the evening.  The whole scene was beautiful, beer splattered and quintessentially DIY.  Apart from being a good time though, Soddy Daisy's got mad good songs.  Featured here is a "live band" recording of one of those songs being performed for a video (at least that's what the title seems to imply).  Whatever it is, this recording captures the spirit of the band- or at least the spirit of the band I saw that night- very well.  Get it here.

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