Friday, April 17, 2015

REVIEW: Appendixes - Everyday Use EP (Track and Field)

The now legendary cult TV classic Twin Peaks has made a resurgence in recent years largely due in part to its exposure to a whole new generation of fans via the online video-streaming site Netflix.  This combined that with the overall rise of 90s nostalgia has allotted the show a great deal of influence on modern youth culture.  In Chicago we've even got a band named Twin Peaks and now, apparently, "Twin Peaks" is own music genre.  That is, at least according to Appendixes which cites the show as one of its primary musical influences.  I assume they mean the eery, analog-synth-heavy soundtrack composed by Angelo Badalamenti.  Badalamenti's influence on the band's sound, while detectable is not overt.  For one, they don't use many synths (however there is a synth part featured on the track below).  I also don't find their musical modes and harmonic progressions to be like the creepy, sinister and often campy compositions penned by Badalamenti for the show, however like the show's music they employ minimalism and repetition to lull the listener into a particular emotional state.  They're sound is decidedly dream pop, sometimes evoking some new wave elements and other times a desert psych feel that is as expansive as it is personal.  However the band labels itself though its making some really beautiful, really chill music.  Get it here.

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