Friday, February 8, 2013

#1: Blog Begins

Welcome to 'Why Pick On Me'- a blog for music, culture, arts, etc. focusing [though not exclusively] on the Chicago scene.  Also a bunch of moldy oldies, stupid videos/pictures, and other vintage/bizarre/obnoxious bric-a-brac.

stuff like this:

Tweens - Live at Crown Tap - 10-5-12

or this sweet vintage hi-fi:
nice amp

or something like this:

also expect to read show/album reviews from local and non-local, low-life, quasi-quasi intellectual, strangely aloof, over 5-feet-tall, young, dumb, full-of-cum contributors.  A concerted effort will be made not to hate...our aim is to let you know about the good stuff not the bad stuff.

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