Friday, February 15, 2013

REVIEW: Uh Bones - 'Only You' 7" (Randy)

By Steve Wichelecki

"Amess" by Uh Bones is one of those songs that just makes you feel cool. The opening hook grooves back and forth with that '60s garage rock charm, the gritty simplicity grabbing your attention away from whatever it was you were just doing, moving you slow and steady for a while and then sending you soaring into space with the chorus. 

The song hit the scene last June as track one of Uh Bones' debut s/t release. And for this lowly writer it was easily the song of the summer, one of those songs that's simply impossible to shake out of the mind, the kind of song that's so good it can't evoke envy from a songwriter: All one can do is appreciate the simplicity of its perfection. 

"Only You" features a re-release of '"Amess" as well as another stellar track from the debut: "He's Got It." These two jams are sandwiched between the solid "Only You" and the shimmeringly soulful "Bait." Like with the s/t release, what makes "Only You" extra special is the band's use of and proficiency with analog recording equipment, which has now yielded them two releases with that truly "vintage" sound that can't be created digitally. Get the 7" now from Randy Records.

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