Sunday, February 10, 2013

SHIT TALKIN' by Potty Mouth: K-holes / Call of the Wild / Nones

K-holes. photo by p.m.
Empty Bottle 2-8-13

Now when Nones hits the stage their tunes hit you straight in the balls..with sweet riffs..and I'm a big fan of the drummer. Brandon screams into the mic not just like anyone but shoves the mic into his mouth while hands.. Impressive. Before you know it this fucker pulls out a mother fucking saxophone and pulls a Lisa Simpson on our asses. It ends abruptly and you think, 'damn let me buy this guy a drink.'

Next up -Call of the Wild. These guys come up in a metal stance ready to rage.. but sorry fellas.. Spent most of the time in the bathroom drinking out of a pickle flask and drinking my own beers cuz that how I roll. BYOB errwhere.

Last and most certainly not least, K-holes. These babes opened up for the Black Lips back in July and was highly recommend by a friend. So at this point we're plenty liquored up and can't keep our eyes off the blonde rocking the gold high waisted American Apparel leggings. Shaking her maracas they are instantly what I wanted to hear. Back and forth from the tambourine and from male to female singer, I can't stop tappin those toes. Eerie, punkrock and soul I'd pay to see these guys again any day. extra photos

-potty mouth

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