Saturday, February 16, 2013

GOOD TIMES: Pamphleteers / OnYou - Quenchers 2-15-13

The Pamphleteers
Quenchers - Chicago, IL - 2-13-15

Rainbow Gun Show was the opener.  But I play drums for that

OnYou offered up their unique brand of meandering noise improvisations complete with projected images and altered sound clips.  Lead singer, Stan Wood was precariously perched atop his Hiwatt half stack as he sung and played guitar.  I was seriously afraid I was going to do the ole' two-man crowd surfing routine.  Luckily everything turned out fine and the band finished out their set safely.

Finally, Pamphleteers took the stage.  One of my favorites here in town. Their hook-laden songs show signs of early punk, new wave, grunge and pop.  Rebecca Crawford sings exactly how a rock n' roll lady should- she's precious, raw and poised.  Echoing, angular guitar, tastefully fingered bass lines, and big drums beats fill the rest of the space perfectly.  Definitely go and check out this band if you have the chance.  But if you don't like crowds just pick up their new split 12" (with Blasted Diplomats) which I have been assured will be out very soon.  Check out more pictures from the show below.

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