Monday, February 18, 2013

GOOD TIMES: Thee Yolks - WHPK Party - Hyde Park, Chicago, IL

This house party was fucking far.  After waiting two hours for a mini-van cab to pick us we gave up waiting and drove (waaaay before our blood alcohol was of any legal or safety concern, mind you).  Finally, we got there, stumbled up to the door and found our way downstairs.  The Man were just finishing up- we completely missed Brians' Dirty Business (The Biz).  Thee Yolks eventually got set up and unleashed their signature 'frat rock punk' on a basement full of inebriated University of Chicago students.  The kegs were kicked by this point, but the party was still jumpin.  Check out more pics below.


  1. Actually, it was The Man that played second, doing all Gizmos covers.

  2. Thanks for the heads up...I think I got it right now.