Monday, December 19, 2016

REVIEW: Who and The Fucks - 'Porous' digital EP (self-released)

The short description on their Bandcamp page reads "TULSA DUMPSTER SURF" which is a pretty succinct and accurate description of Who and The Fucks's sound.  Each track is bathed in spring reverb and analog rawness.  A lot of the songwriting has a heavy 90s influence- some tracks leaning towards early Hole or Nirvana.  Still others have a nouveu 60s feel- like The Mummies or even Brian Jonestown Massacre with their use of organ, noise-y passages, sound bites and ambient scuzz.  The lyrics are really great as well- every song is an honest snapshot of a certain aspect of being young and surrounded by rock n roll kind of folks!  Get it here.

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