Wednesday, December 14, 2016

REVIEW: B.D. - 'B.D. Demo 2016' cassette EP (self-released)

West coast hard core outfit B.D. (Bad Daddies) are ripping out some pretty "mature" punk music these days.  Haha... ok... admittedly, I have only just now come across this band so I don't want to come off as sounding too presumptuous, but at this point in their career they sound like a band that's finally broken down and admitted that there's more to life than just being "hard".  That's not to say that B.D. don't deliver the fast/loud goods on this cassette EP- the last two songs especially are true-to-form, punk-as-fuck bashers- however they also offer up a little nuance on this release which rounds out the tough bits nicely.  Just listen to the track "How Do You Like Your Coffee?" that's featured below.  Its definitely punk, but its got a melodic, 90s shoegaze twist to it that's very pleasing to the earballs.  Singer Camylle Reynolds also belts out each track with a controlled, semi-melodic yell akin to the Ian Mackaye style (which is personally my favorite type of hard core vocals).  Get it here.

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