Wednesday, December 14, 2016

REVIEW: Joseph Jaymes - 'Banned Vuren' (Savage Tactics)

This record came my way via a facebook message that sat in my inbox for months (like 100s of other great ones that I likely missed out on while I was taking a break from writing for WPOM).  Well I suppose this is one of my rewards for returning to the music blog game cuz this LP riiiips!!  Joseph Jaymes, out of Phoenix, drags his healthy Nirvana obsession into strange new realms combining dissonant 90s song structure with elements of minimalism, psychedelia, hard core punk and shoegaze.  The recording, captured in a mid-fi style, is peppered with voicemail recordings from friends, family, label owners and even a guitar repairman.  Banned Vuren takes you on a sonic odyssey of self exploration/implosion as the songs, wracked with regret, boredom, snark, cynicism and introspection blend seamlessly into one another, simultaneously arresting and releasing the listener over and over again until it abruptly ends.  Its an impressive release to say the least and I was hooked at every turn.  Get it here.

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