Saturday, December 20, 2014

REVIEW: Mr. Gold - Little King Trashmouth (self-released)

In 2007 a lawsuit was filed against Rock Hill, South Carolina to put a stop to its rural landfill. (Wikipedia)  I'm happy to report that in 2014 Rock Hill can still lay claim to epic trash.  Little King Trashmouth, the latest self-released EP from garage-punkers Mr. Gold, is a testament to the art of rock n' roll garbage.  Its loose, its fast, its trash-fucking-tastic.  The guitar tones really rip on this record echoing the reckless approach of early Ron Asheton and compliment the band's give-no-fucks vocal delivery perfectly.  In short, this is another one for the rock n' roll trash heap (coming from us that's a huge compliment).  Get it here.

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