Wednesday, December 10, 2014

OLD SHIT: Joy Division - An Ideal For Living EP (Enigma)

I've been wanting to write something about this record for some time now.  It is of great interest to me for a few reasons: 1) Its the group's debut record as "Joy Division" 2) it's fucking reeeeally good and 3) When I first heard it I couldn't believe it was Joy Division.  I've always enjoyed the band's later post-punk work.  They are of course one of the pioneers of the sound that emerged after the first wave of punk bands with their unique brand of angular-disengaged-melancholic-alienation-rock that became a template for countless numbers of groups that followed them and made them the demi-gods of the gloomy and disenfranchised youth of the world.  What I never knew, however, was how much this band fucking rocked in their early inception.  Many of you are probably like, "uh...duh, man."  Call me dumb, but at first hearing this completely floored me and framed the band in a different light in my mind.  Every track on this EP is nothing short of brilliant.  Its as raw and powerful as anything else that came out of that period and while its not the sound that they are rightly famous for its definitely my favorite of the bands work.  Remove all breakable objects from the room, turn up your hi-fi and loose your mind to this punk masterpiece!

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