Saturday, December 20, 2014

REVIEW: Fuck Knights - "Court Date" b/w "Two Kings" (H-Records)

I caught Fuck Knights's set a couple weeks ago opening for Flesh Panthers at Cole's Bar and was impressed by their energy, sound and attitude.  To be completely honest, I was sort of surprised the audience didn't get more into it.  Okay...maybe that's cuz it was mid-show and everyone may not have been drunk enough yet, but I still wish this band would've received a little more love from the typically rambunctious Chicago crowd...whatevs I still had fun.  As for band's recorded output I can only say that I was not surprised that it was be as good as it is.  Every bit of what I witnessed on stage translates to the records via clipping channels, amusing studio chatter and even Sonics-esque saxophone.  This 7" single is fucking delightful in all regards.  And hey...Chicago's own Mac Blackout did the cover art.  Get it here.


  1. Damn right! Fuck Knights are Minneapolis' (not so) 'best kept secret'. Dig in farther back in their catalogue, you won't be disappointed. They've been my favorite band for years. - Dougie Ramone

    1. thanks Dougie , when was it you filled in for C. J. on bass onthat sweden tour.. '91? -Sir gregory