Wednesday, April 23, 2014

REVIEW: Sick Hyenas S/T cassette (Dumpster Tapes)

After over 2 months Why Pick On Me? is back on the review wagon and we've found the perfect reason to do so.  Chicago's Dumpster Tapes is due to release a full-length from Hamburg's Sick Hyenas.  Its their first U.S. release to date and from the sounds of it they're gonna fit right in here.  In fact I would have never been able to tell these guys were German if it didn't say so on their bandcamp page.  This band brings the sort of trashy, surfy, verb'd out swag that American denim punks will never tire off.  No bass, two guitars, drums and country-twanged vocals fill the band's musical space artfully with no-frills arrangements and a tasteful application of pedal effects and timbre.  Sure...they're following the Black Lipsian formula, but they're doing it extremely well.  In short: deez Hyenas iz sick, son.  Get it (on May 1st) here.

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