Saturday, April 26, 2014

REVIEW: The Monsieurs - Falun Gong (Remix) 12" (Macchio, Black Gladiator, Slovenly Recordings)

Can't get enough of this dude!  If its Andy MacBain's goal to be anointed the new king of trash pop he better polish his crown off soon cuz when this full-length drops so too with the proverbial panties of countless numbers of scuzz heads.  The Monsieurs play unashamedly classic, full-throttle rock n' roll (think Nobunny, Bare Wires) and they does so with and impressive level of mastery/giving-no-fucksery that really hits the spot.  Bubblegum hooks, mind-melting guitar tone, cute girl back up vocals, I mean...c' there more to life than that?  Get it here.

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